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6 Reasons Why “I Am Frankie” Should Be Renewed

  1. The new enemy/Simone’s boss.

The season two finale of “I Am Frankie” almost left viewers off on a high note. WARPA was defeated, Cole and Sigourney were safe, and the anti-android group at school had dissolved. All seemed well until Simone abruptly left the theater just before Andrew’s play started. The audience quickly learn that Simone works for someone outside of WARPA, someone who is cheering about the company’s demise. They have a new mission for her and one can’t help but question whether Simone would ultimately be on the side of good or not. Either way, trouble is sure to be brewing for Frankie and her friends.

  1. Will anything happen between Dayton & Zane?
One of the plots for season two revolved around Dayton and her crush on the theater-loving new kid, Zane. Originally lying to him about the school having a drama club and her deep involvement with it, Dayton’s journey over the season is learning to be more honest with those around her and also owning up to her lies or misgivings. First with her brother Cole and then finally with Zane, Dayton confesses to the fact that the drama club – Standing Room Only – had all been made up. When Zane questions as to why she would do that, she goes a step further and reveals her crush on him. However, life gets in the way and the audience never really gets to see Dayton and Zane talk about her admission or what that could mean for them. To have a plot, relationship, and character develop like that over the course of a season and then to not see any resolution would be a disservice. Getting a third season would definitely be able to explore that even further and give the chance to show the discussion between the two.
  1. The Frankie/Andrew/Cole/Simone love square.
The end of season two did a pretty good job at wrapping up many loose ends concerning this mess of feelings. However, it didn’t completely resolve it. The season left off with Cole telling Simone that he only saw her as a friend, Frankie telling Cole that she always wanted her first kiss to be with him, and then Frankie and Cole sealing the deal with a short and sweet kiss. While this could be satisfying for many if the series ends with season two, it still leaves the unanswered questions about Frankie’s feelings for Andrew. It also raises eyebrows because the kiss caused the development of a “heart” for Frankie. This leads to point #4.
  1. Frankie is… ALIVE?!

Brilliantly done, almost the entire second season of “I Am Frankie” followed as Dayton’s faux drama club produced Zane’s play, a new take on Frankenstein with an evolved storyline. While the play is updated and tweaked throughout the season to parallel the real issues plaguing Frankie and her friends, it all comes to a head with this one line uttered during the play. After her kiss with Cole creates a “heart” within her, the scene cuts to the play when Frankie’s character, Frankensteina, is coming to. Zane’s line that ends the season is “She’s alive!” What does this mean for Frankie? Is she becoming more and more human, able to feel all the emotions that she hasn’t previously? How will this affect her, her programming, and her relationships? Season three is the only way fans will ever know.

  1. Where is Eliza?

A major antagonist for both seasons, Eliza has made brief but impactful appearances. She is possibly the only one who can really overtake Frankie. Where WARPA posed a threat, Eliza is perhaps the threat. Her mission earlier this season was to get Sigourney to give her a new face. While that had seemed to fail, fans aren’t too convinced. A big theory amongst fans is that Eliza did succeed in getting a new face and is actually Simone. This would give a lot of explanation to her questionable background and feelings towards Cole. It also would lead fans to believe that Simone’s boss is the person who has been taking care of Eliza for all this time and keeping her programming going. However, there is no confirmation or denial for this theory. Season three would give fans more information into this and/or the ability to find out where is she, what she’s getting up to, and if she is still a threat.

  1. The friendship.
At the core of “I Am Frankie” is the friendship between the characters. With so many different dynamics, the common thread – besides Frankie – is the fact that they will do anything for each other. Even Andrew and Cole who are frienemies and would prefer to stay far away from each other have been known to stick their neck out and save one another from time to time. The fact that this group of friends are there for each other, in the big things and the small, is what makes this show complete. It is what causes audiences to connect with the plot and be invested in what happens to them. Frankie and Dayton have what is probably the strongest relationship on the show. And with them, they tie the rest of the show together. They connect the worlds of everyone around them.
What is probably my favorite aspect of their friendship is that they will always be there for each other. Even when annoyed or stressed or overwhelmed, they make time for one another and they will go to the ends of the earth for each other.
“I Am Frankie” is able to be streamed now on Nickelodeon!
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    I love the film, it drives me nuts cause it broke my heart when warpa took Cole hostage as a key weapon

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