Things We’re Excited For in 2023 – Part II

Welcome to 2023! As always, we enter the new year looking to expect the unexpected, but it doesn’t hurt to also find excitement in anticipation. After all, we’ve been putting up with being hit with a ton of unpredictability as of late, sometimes it’s nice to know we’ll get something familiar and sure. To celebrate all of the incredible art coming out this year, here is the annual Teenplicity Team “Things We’re Excited for in the New Year” list filled with music, books, video games, television, movies, and more expected to drop in 2023.

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Note: These lists are ordered by scheduled release date given at the time of the post being made and are not completed lists (for in case we get some Beyoncé drops from someone, who knows…). Some dates may be subject to change.

2023 in Music

This Is Why – Paramore, February 10th

The sixth album from Paramore and their first album in six years, This is Why is described as an album where the band returns to their initial influences as artists with a guitar-driven, emo-inspired sound.

“By far one of the best moments of 2022 for me was seeing Paramore for the first time in my life in concert. I had finally fulfilled one of my biggest dreams and hopefully, once this album drops, I’ll be able to do it again. Their previous album After Laughter is one of my favorite albums in recent history. Hayley has always been an amazing lyricist, but the production is also super fun, and the band’s ability to capture anxiety, depression, and the grief of growing up and relationships is something that I genuinely believe is underappreciated. This is Why to me so far seems to be shaping up not only as another album looking for fun in the pain but also as a growing reflection on previous themes with the added introspection of the current world we’re living in mid-pandemic. Needless to say, I immediately pre-ordered my vinyl of this album the very second Paramore dropped the link so she’s fully secured.” – Brie

Endless Summer Vacation – Miley Cyrus, March 13th

Before 2022 ended, Miley released a promo campaign letting us all know “MILEY IS COMING” before starting 2023 off by announcing the release of Endless Summer Vacation in March. It’s rumored to be the album that closes the chapter on her previous relationship with Liam Hemsworth and enters her into a new era of her music career.

“First things first, Plastic Hearts is Miley’s best album and I refuse to let the world continue to not give her all the things she deserves. It’s a brilliant, wonderful, fun album with the sound I’ve wanted from Miley since forever. That said, this new album seems to be a move away from it to a more pop sound. I’m here for this continuing theme coming from Miley of learning self-love and liberation. I feel like it’s something she’s always been chasing and it’s been a recurring theme throughout her career. It’s something I’d be interested in seeing be further discussed either by her or just someone that’s looked into her work since the start of Hannah Montana (a project that I also think plays such a strong part in both hindering and helping her strive for freedom and liberation from preconceived notions, image, and expectation). Anyway all of that aside, I’d love a Phineas and Ferb joke on the album but that’s a whole other thing.” – Brie

Meet Me @ the Altar

With a headlining tour on the way for this year, Fueled by Ramen’s latest standout band has also announced an album on the way. There is no date currently set.

“I had the honor of seeing Meet Me @ the Altar perform alongside Muna at their After Lolla performance last year, so I’m already a little biased about their debut album releasing this year because the band played songs from the album as their set. Meaning that although I don’t remember any of the song titles, I know I loved the songs. I wish I had this band when I was younger, but to watch them achieve the success that they’ve been gaining now is still just as exciting. Truly if you’re looking for some fun and amazing bangers that you can scream the lyrics to in your car, they’re just the band for you.” – Brie

Speak Now – Taylor Swift (Taylor’s Version)

As Taylor Swift continues re-recording her old albums, fans are guessing which remaining albums (Taylor Swift, Speak Now, 1989, Reputation) will be next. One of the most common assumptions is that ‘Speak Now’ will be her next re-record. There is no date currently scheduled for the release of ‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Version).

“Hearing each album that gets re-recorded, especially her older ones, is such a joy as a fan. Not only are we getting so many incredible vault tracks – which is so much fun to listen to and hear because it is technically new music, even if the songs are old – but it’s especially cool to hear how her voice has changed over the years. Her strong country accent is gone, only popping up a few times on older tracks, and her voice has been fine-tuned and grown since the originals were recorded. Fans are able to get a direct side-by-side of how much she has developed as an artist and that’s just one of the coolest things ever. Also, I chose ‘Speak Now’ specifically because I absolutely love this album, it’s one of my favorites so I can’t wait to see what vault tracks get added, and I think the titular song deserves a music video, but that’s just me.” – Mary


After the release of Renaissance in June marketed as ACT I in this new era, the Beyhive has now been patiently waiting not only for the Renaissance visuals and world tour but also for the next acts.

“Every year I’ve put Beyoncé on this list practically grasping for straws, swimming in delusion that maybe my good sis would offer up something. You would think this year me putting her on the list wouldn’t feel delusional and yet AND YET!!! There’s no proof Miss Giselle is planning on giving us those visuals anymore, for all we know, they’re locked in a vault somewhere with the Formation World Tour footage. I can only assume she’s holding them hostage until Netflix renews a show she enjoys that they probably canceled. The same thing with the fact that she auctioned off world tour tickets at a charity event for a summer tour this year, which means we Know that she’s supposed to be touring this year but like……..DO WE???? Do we ACTUALLY know she’s gonna tour this year? And since Renaissance is being promoted as an Act I…….are the visuals the Act II? Or is there another album in the works? I don’t know!!!! We’re literally just over here listening to the album on repeat knowing literally nothing but hoping for everything. Imma stand beside her tho. I bought the vinyl before she even released the album cover, of course imma stand beside her when she won’t even tell us a bit about what’s to come next for this era besides a bunch of Club Renaissance parties, none of which I can attend.” – Brie

Bridgit Mendler – Possible New Music

Bridgit Mendler has not announced any new music or release dates for music announcements. In November 2022, she did her annual Twitter appearance and responded to a fan asking for new music by saying, “iknowiknowiknow sorryyyy! you have a perfectionist over here”. Not long after that, she then tweeted to all of her followers, “k sit tight for news” before disappearing again. No information available, just hope.

“Miss Bridgit…at this point, you’re gonna have everyone thinking me and Mary are both somewhat delusional. Every year we put you on this list and every year you give us just a lil something but it’s never the sophomore album. And I know, I know that you’re busy being a wifey and getting fiftyleven degrees and I respect that, but I also know you got some unreleased music on a hard drive somewhere that you could release if you wanted to. Please, I know you’re probably still making money off the Good Luck Charlie and Lemonade Mouth residuals and Hello… My Name Is streams so you don’t have to worry about paying back those student loans but PLEASE!!!! Let us give you a few more coins!!!!” – Brie

“Listen, I want the record to show that Brie and I are fantastic at predicting some things. We correctly assumed Bridgit would share new music in 2021 and she posted a clip of it on her Twitter page. So this is me using that same energy to manifest an album in 2023. She is an incredible performer live and I loved her music. She has such talented in various aspects of music and it’d be a shame if she chose not to continue to pursue it. Of course, she’s a PhD student (possibly a graduate) and doing a whole bunch of other things, living her best life, so it’s okay if she doesn’t have time for this. But also – please?” — Mary

Laura Marano

Laura Marano is routinely releasing new singles between recording for albums. She dropped her latest single on December 30, 2022, titled ‘BAD TIME GOOD TIME’.

“Who am I if I am not including Laura Marano on this list? Seriously, she has a guaranteed spot on here. Laura is one of my favorite artists to follow. Her voice has changed and grown magnificently over the years and it’s such a joy to see how far she’s come. With each new release, she gets better and better. Between ‘This Time Last Year’ and ‘BAD TIME GOOD TIME,’ I feel like she is really finding her footing as an artist and building a strong foundation to launch the next portion of her career. While I’m sad to have missed her concert tour this summer due to an emergency, I am eagerly awaiting her next tour to see the incredible ways she’s improved over the years.” – Mary


We know Rihanna is playing the Halftime Show this year. We know that R9 is coming. We just don’t know when. So, we’re just staying ready just in case.

“Finally, we put Rihanna on this list and we know for a fact that she’s doing something music related this year. Now is she releasing anything before her Halftime Show? Who knows. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t. Knowing her she’ll probably debut it the night before the show or the week before or something. Or she’ll release it after the show and her performance will just be her greatest hits for which she has plenty. This is Rihanna we’re talking about, there are so many possibilities. Including that her performance will just be the promotion of Fenty Beauty, Savage x Fenty, and Fenty Skin.” – Brie

“If Rihanna doesn’t include new music or announce anything by the time of the Superbowl for her Halftime Show, then can I cry? She is testing and teasing all of us, I swear.” – Mary

Honorable Mentions:

  • Raven – Kelela (February 10th)
  • Kiana Lede
  • With Love From – Aly & AJ
  • Noname
  • Phoebe Bridgers
  • Olivia Rodrigo

2023 in Books

Spare by Prince Harry

Following the highly publicized exit from the Royal Family in early 2020 due to incredible harassment, racism, and bullying, Prince Harry is using his voice to speak his truth, taking ownership of the title he has been dubbed since birth. The memoir will include up-close, behind-the-scenes details of his life in a raw, vulnerable way. Release is set for January 10, 2023.

“I want the record to state that I have always been a Harry & Meghan fan. It has been infuriating to watch their treatment, especially Meghan’s, over the years and I’m so thrilled that they have been able to tell their story without having to go through the Royal Family’s filters and script doctors. Both Harry and Megan have been incredibly open about their experiences, using their interview with Oprah to kick off a, so far short, series of pieces in which they unveil their truths. Meghan’s Podcast, Harry’s mental health series on AppleTV+, and their Netflix documentary have all been great and eye-opening for the public. What gets me so excited about Harry’s book, aside from the obvious section that will feature his relationship with Meghan, is what it will reveal about his earlier life. It’s been obvious from the start that while William follows the institution and will be their puppet, Harry has been more free and individual. It’s something that has been noted and recorded many times over the years. I think Harry has really become his own person as he’s gotten older and has recognized, owned up to, and worked to better himself from the mistakes he’s made. I look forward to reading this memoir and seeing what he acknowledges and how he shows his growth.” – Mary

Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling by Elise Bryant

In Elise Bryant’s latest rom-com, Reggie and Delilah are two completely different people who fall in love through missed connections and chance meetings on holidays over the course of a year. As their holiday meetings continue, the two begin to fall for each other. But what happens once they realize they’ve each fallen for a version of the other that doesn’t really exist? Release is set for January 31, 2023.

“I love Elise’s ability to create these incredibly adorable and lovable and fun characters and absolute dream rom-coms. Truly as someone that writes both rom-coms and young adult, it’s a complete dream. I view her as a masterclass. So of course the second I heard about this book I was excited for it. Also, not for nothing but the cover is just the cutest thing ever (as all of her covers have been). I’m very excited to add these characters to my list of favorite literary romances and as a former emo kid, live partly vicariously through Delilah who is a punk rock singer in this because truly, it’s giving iconic already.” – Brie

Romantic Comedy by Curtis Sittenfeld

A comedy writer thinks she’s sworn off love until a dreamy pop star flips the script on all her assumptions. Release is set for April 4, 2023.

“I’ve never read a Curtis Sittenfeld book, I found out about this book from simply searching for books releasing this year and was immediately excited by the premise. I tend to go back and forth when it comes to rom-com books. As a genre it’s moreso my favorite as a movie or a show, that said, this concept is my exact bread and butter and I’m excited to read it and visualize it, the casting is already running through my head for who could play these characters.” – Brie

The Skin and Its Girl by Sarah Cypher

A young, queer Palestinian American woman pieces together her great aunt’s secrets in this sweeping debut, a family saga confronting questions of sexual identity, exile, and lineage. Release is set for April 25, 2023.

“This is another book I discovered while I was searching for books releasing this year. Part of the draw for why this book stood out to me is that admittedly, I grew up with almost a ‘Westernized’ exposure to books if that makes sense. The books that were available to me and that were required reading for school, rarely, if at all, included people of other cultures except for maybe when my school was celebrating Black History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Month, Indigenous Peoples (though it wasn’t called that) Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month. As a Black writer, I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had with books and also grapple a lot with those experiences as well and what it means to decolonize literature and keep from tokenizing stories. And as I’ve gotten older, what I’ve realized is that it also means I have to actively seek out books about cultures and people that colonization actively works to erase or other, such as Palestinians. But also, if you notice a trend here for books I’ve picked, you’ll probably notice that for whatever reason family, relationships, and ‘missed opportunities’ seems to be the things drawing me in bookwise currently and this fits the bill.” – Brie

Ellie Engle Saves Herself by Leah Johnson

A heartwarming and sweet story of Ellie, who is quiet and happily hangs out in the shadow of her best friend Abby… until she ends up with a special superpower. Release is set for May 2, 2023.

“Y’all should already know that here at Teenplicity, we go UP for Leah Johnson. I actually have an unreleased interview with Leah that we did for Rise to the Sun that for various technical issues on my end, I never got around to finishing working on for it to be released, but it’s honestly such an amazing interview and so much of what she says is golden that it’s still a goal of mines to one day be able to finally have it fully transcribed. (There was an issue with me getting the audio properly downloaded for a while so I could never finish the transcription and then life heavily got in the way, but I still hold onto hope that one day I finally get this interview to see the light of day.) Leah is yet another amazing writer that I consider to be a masterclass because of how much she genuinely cares and loves the characters that she’s writing about. In fact, it’s not that she creates characters as much as it is that she creates people. They have full identities and souls and you know who they are almost immediately. Her dedication to also creating these young Black girls who have flaws and keep going as they figure out life I think is also extremely beautiful and heartwarming. It’s the very definition of creating the stories and the heroes that you needed and I know for a fact that Leah is creating a generation of writers and imaginators with her work because there are going to be young people that read her stories and know that they can do it too and there’s a place for the stories they want to tell. And just as I can’t wait to see how Ellie Engle saves herself, I can’t wait to see how Leah Johnson saves YA.” – Brie

All the Gold Stars by Rainesford Stauffer

All the Gold Stars looks at how the cultural, personal, and societal expectations around ambition are driving the burnout epidemic by funneling our worth into productivity, limiting our imaginations, and pushing us further apart. Release is set for June 6, 2023.

“Yet another person that y’all should already know that we go UP for here at Teenplicity is Rainesford Stauffer. She’s truly a gem and her dedication to giving young adults a voice to be vulnerable and angry and layered and overall be people is far more groundbreaking than I think people realize, especially in journalism. Like she actually talks to young people when reporting on and talking about young people, which sounds silly to stress, but there are so many people that would rather generalize young people and assume the worst without understanding them and realizing that as the world is everchanging, so is what it feels like to be a young adult and how to navigate that. I had the pleasure of connecting with Rainesford for the first time after I wrote an article on here about post-graduation depression and since then, had the honor to speak with her for her first book An Ordinary Age and then had the additional honor of getting to interview her for Teenplicity about it. So much of what we’ve talked about to each other and just in general the people she talks to and what she writes about sticks with me because I feel like I’ve spent so much of my life chasing perfection and she’s one of the people that has helped me slowly realize that not only is it not sustainable, but that it’s not the end of the world to realize it at any age that you don’t have to be perfect to be worthy of existing and that you are allowed to just do and be. That you are enough. And I can’t wait to read this book and learn from all the wonderful people she features here.” – Brie

Family Lore by Elizabeth Acevedo

The story of one Dominican-American family told through the voices of its women as they await a gathering that will forever change their lives. Release is set for August 1, 2023.

“Elizabeth Acevedo is one of our best current wordsmiths. Her critical acclaim is very much warranted. Her understanding of family and highlight on the influence of culture and environment for how we see the world and walk through it is truly inspiring as a writer and a reminder that there’s power in honing in on writing/telling stories that you know you specifically have the power to tell and see and bring yourself into. Each of the women in this story sound interesting and complicated and I can’t wait to see how they influence each other and impact one another.” – Brie

2023 in Video Games

The Expanse: A Telltale Series

Taking on the role of XO Camina Drummer, you must determine the fate of the ship through the choices you make after a bloody mutiny breaks out. There is currently no date scheduled but it is an anticipated 2023 release.

“I love The Expanse and have been missing the series dearly since its finale in 2022. When this game was announced in late 2021, I had hopes for a late 2022 release (and therefore included it in my 2022 list). While there’s still no date for the release, I hold onto my original excitement as I await the game.” – Mary

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