The Magic of Amazon with Aubrey Miller

For the girls in Amazon’s Just Add Magic, the simplest of recipes can have some major consequences. Based off of the book series by Cindy Callaghan, audiences follow the journey of Kelly Quinn [Olivia Sanabia] and her two best friends as they try to find the right recipe to save Kelly’s grandmother from a mysterious illness.

Hannah is one of Kelly’s best friends. Portrayed by Aubrey Miller, Hannah is a perfectionist, yet also a very loyal friend who is there to help Kelly save her grandmother.

“[Hannah] is a total fashionista, always wants to make the best decisions,” Aubrey describes of her character. “She is also very academic and musically inclined as well as loving to dance.” Hannah’s love for the arts can actually be attributed to Aubrey herself.

She reveals how the writers actually incorporated her musical ability into the character. She also says, “Hannah’s room is dedicated to my love of dance!” In addition, Aubrey dishes that the similarities don’t end there for herself and her character. “We are both very close to our family and friends, and we do not like breaking rules.”

Fans of Aubrey will notice that Just Add Magic is her first leading role in a television series. Best known for her recurring role as Megan on Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, Aubrey notes her thrill at landing the role of Hannah.

“I was super excited when I got the role!” she exclaims. “I love the script and character and was looking forward to bringing Hannah to life.”

When asked what the major differences are between a leading role and a recurring one, Aubrey informed Teenplicity, “Having a lead role on a show includes working every day, being in every episode, and being under a tighter contract.” On the other hand, a recurring role means only appearing in a limited number of episodes and the ability to work on many additional shows, according to Aubrey.aubrey miller 3

With getting a larger role, Aubrey gained a great love for writing and directing. She also revealed what she learned about herself in the process too. “That you have to stay true to who you are.”

One of the many unique aspects of Just Add Magic is that being part of the Amazon family allows an entire season ready to binge watch on a given date, versus waiting every week for a new episode. Aubrey points out the pros and cons of both.

“For binge watching, the pros are you don’t have to wait for the episodes and can watch them at your own pace and the con is you have to wait a longer time between seasons. Week by week – the con is, you watch one episode at a time, but the pro is the season lasts longer.”

Aubrey has no hesitation in picking her favorite episode, which is “Just Add Do-Overs”! The Texas native says, “It is one of my favorite recipes and I enjoyed all the scenes with Ms. Silvers [Ellen Karsten], including the scene where they scared me with the crow!”

At the mention of the second season, the excitement bubbles from Aubrey and is contagious.

“We have so much fun stuff ready for season two,” she says. “I would love to see the writers incorporate a dance number for Hannah!” However, as for what is actually happening, Aubrey stays tight lipped. There is a plot for season two that the young actress would love to carry out further, if given the chance. “But I can’t share anymore! Stay tuned!”

Curious as to what her favorite recipe is on the show, Aubrey is quick to answer with the ‘Healing Hazelnut Tart’. “I would love to use that in real life. I also had fun with the Horchata spell that I was under [in] episode five. Stay tuned for a new favorite recipe in season two!”

If it were up to Aubrey, she has in mind what recipe she would create in real life. “I would want to make a recipe to stop bullying… like a ‘Stop Bullying Bruschetta,’” says the star.

Considering the uniqueness of the series, it’s left a mark on all those involved. The show explores this fascinating world where a cookbook full of recipes translates to spells that have interesting repercussions.

aubrey miller 1

“I love everything about being on Just Add Magic!” gushes Aubrey. “The writing is so fun and mysterious. I love working with a great cast and crew and it’s fun playing my character Hannah. It’s a show the whole family can watch!”

As Teenplicity concludes the interview with Aubrey, she responds happily to the last question – What is one thing you’d like to say to your fans?

Aubrey says to her fans, “Thank you so much for your constant love and support! You really are the best fans e-va!”


Just Add Magic is available to watch on Amazon now. To keep up with all that Aubrey Miller is doing, be sure to follow her Twitter!


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