Things We’re Excited for in 2018 Part I

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Just like that, another year has gone by. 2017 has definitely been…something to put it generally. There was a lot going on in the social, cultural, and political landscape and this year definitely had its ups and downs for better or worse. But if we could give 2017 some positive credit, it was a pretty great year for new and returning television, music artists, movies, books, and other game changers. So we thought, to give you hope for the New Year, we’d compile a list of things planned to be released in 2018 that you can hopefully look forward to.

Note: These lists are ordered by scheduled release date given at the time of the post being made and are not completed lists (for in case we get some surprise Beyoncé drops from someone, who knows…) Some dates may be subject to change.

Part II of our list which features music, books, and Broadway we’re excited about/recommend is available to read here.

2018 in Television


800px-Grown-ish_intertitleA spin-off of the ABC sitcom Black-ishGrown-ish follows the Johnson’s oldest daughter Zoey (Yara Shahidi) as she ventures to college and realizes she has a lot more learning to do than she thought. The cast includes Trevor Jackson, Chloe and Halle Bailey, Francia Raisa, Jordan Buhat, Emily Arlook, and comedy heavy-hitters Deon Cole and Chris Parnell. Be sure the catch the hour-long premiere on Freeform, January 3rd.

“I was a huge fan of the tv show A Different World growing up. In fact, I genuinely believe I’m a mix of Freddie Brooks and Whitley Gilbert. I also did an entire critical studies analysis project a few semesters ago on the show discussing why black youth still cling to the show’s depiction of black college life. And now, we get to have another show focusing on black and brown people in an academic setting. The thought of this show as a premise is a surreal feeling to think about, in a way that I think is both exciting and also to an extent upsetting. But I really want to believe this show will help to continue to open the doors for more because it is not only featuring an amazing cast but being written and ran by amazing people. It’s hard to explain how excited I am for this show and especially for Yara getting to embark on this amazing endeavor of carrying her own show (and eventually running Hollywood no big deal, I’m just calling it now.)” – Brie

“When a show is great, you either let it thrive on what it does best or you take a chance and allow it to grow outwards. Stemming from hilarious Golden Globe winner black-ish on ABC, the series will follow eldest child Zoey Johnson as she goes away to college. Promising appearances from the original series’ characters as well as a slate of young all-stars – Francia Raisa, Chloe & Halle, and Trevor Jackson to name a few – the show looks to carry the same charm that graces the original while also infusing a vibrant and relatable atmosphere for its younger audience. I look forward to watching Yara Shahidi carry the mantle as the star of the show and watching as she showcases more of her talents.” – Mary

The Chi

PrintFrom Emmy-Award winning writer Lena Waithe (Masters of None) comes The Chi, a drama for Showtime following the lives of multiple Chicagoans on the South Side of Chicago after an incident connects multiple people. The cast includes Alex Hibbert (Moonlight), Jacob Latimore, and Jahking Guillory. Be sure to catch the hour-long premiere on Showtime, January 7th.

“If you have ever had at the very least a 5-minute conversation with me, I’ve probably told you that I’m a Chicagoan. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s in my author bio on here. (What can I say? We’re a proud bunch.) Needless to say, as soon as I found out about Lena creating The Chi, I’m pretty sure I almost screamed. Do you know how rare it is to find something that depicts Chicago, let alone the South Side of Chicago in a way that actually understands people genuinely exist here? (I’ll save the trouble: the answer is very rare. I mean, people still consider Ferris Bueller to be The Ultimate Chicago Story when it’s definitely about suburban kids hanging out downtown for a day.) The pilot released on Youtube a few weeks ago and if you haven’t yet, I promise you that this show is worth watching! It’ll hook you in because of the story but it’ll also hook you in because of the characters. Seriously, Lena Waithe is a writing icon who deserves every bit of success she ever earns. I still can’t believe there’s actually a show set in the South Side of Chicago with a predominantly black cast and multifaceted characters and by someone from here who graduated from the same college that I’m at now. It’s all just super surreal, Y’all. I need a moment.” – Brie

The Good Doctor

1041642-the-good-doctor-2_828x1104Based on the South Korean drama of the same name, The Good Doctor stars Freddie Highmore as a young surgical resident named Shaun Murphy with autism and savant syndrome. The first half of season one premiered on ABC with high television ratings. Be sure to catch the second half of season one of The Good Doctor on ABC, January 8th.

“Dr. Shaun Murphy and the entire surgical team on this series absolutely stole hearts across the country, including mine. While he has autism and savant syndrome, Shaun uses his incredible medical gifts to aid those who come to the need of himself and those around him. This show exceeds in many ways that others may have failed at. It showcases that Shaun is not the be-all, end-all of autism. The show doesn’t say that this is the way every person who has autism and/or savant syndrome will act and respond the way Shaun does – every person is different. What I also really love about this show is despite his incredible gifts and the immense knowledge himself and the rest of the team possesses, they are wrong. In fact, in season one, they’re wrong multiple times. In one case, for Dr. Claire Browne, she messes up the ABC’s of on-site care during a bus crash which results in her patient losing her life. For Shaun, he thinks that a child patient may not actually have cancer and could have something curable, but he is wrong. The writers aren’t afraid to show that their characters are not invincible and that they’re human. The first half of season one left me heartbroken as we witness a fight between Shaun and Dr. Aaron Glassman that has been brewing, resulting in Shaun running away. The rest of the season should provide how, or if, they reconcile and what their relationship will become.” – Mary

Black Lightning

DQ3WZJ9UIAAUP9PBased on the DC Comics character of the same name, Black Lightning follows Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams) a retired ex-superhero who has to return back to his vigilante persona to save his community from crime and corruption. Alongside Williams, the cast includes Nafessa Williams and China Anne McClain as his daughters. Be sure to catch the hour-long premiere on The CW, January 16th.

“Okay, I have not been good at keeping up with superhero shows as of late, in fact, I’ve only seen Luke Cage in full and everything else is on my neverending ‘To Watch’ list. That said, the amount of excitement I have for Black Lightning oh my goodness. I was a girl that grew up watching Static Shock and he was pretty much The Black Superhero. And it was the coolest thing ever because he was just this black teen who also had superpowers. All of that is to say that it means so much to get to see more black superheroes in television and movies. (For the record, there’s still a lot more room to do better. Let’s not pat ourselves on the back just yet.) But, Black Lightning not only allows black people to be the superheroes but allows black girls to be a significant part of the story instead of just being there to give their dad a pep talk?! We really get to be heroes too and not just love interests or side characters or not there at all?! Can you believe it?!” – Brie

“The best way to sum up my anticipation for this series is goosebumps. Just simply rewatching the first look trailer for the series gave me chills for three minutes. The series follows a father who had previously left his world of crime-fighting behind for his family. Now, he decides that to ensure their safety and that of his community, he must don the suit once more. What excites me so much about this series is not only is it giving more exposure and representation for the black community, but it also paints them as the heroes everyone looks up to. The series will also follow Anissa and Jennifer Pierce, the daughters of Black Lightning, who may also have powers too. This show feels like a giant step forward with more promise than previous DC television attempts. I’m excited to see where this story will take viewers.” – Mary

The 100

the-100-season-5Although there is no word yet on the premiere date of season five – and that trailer is being held under wraps until the announcement – excitement is buzzing all around the newest season of the show. In what was supposed to be just a five-year time-jump, viewers saw in the finale that over six years passed since the second apocalypse came knocking on their door, leaving them to wonder what happened to all our favorites that were in the bunker or space? The 100 is estimated to return February 2018, but there is no set date yet.

“This series is one that plays on that thin line of love and hate. While it has its fantastic moments in previous seasons, it’s also dealt bad storyline after bad storyline (looking at you, season three). One of the highlights for any viewing session of the show is in the incredible acting by Bob Morley and Lindsey Morgan. No matter how big or small his part is in each scene, Bob Morley gives his all to creating his character Bellamy Blake. More times than I can count, he has brought me to tears or caused me to hold my breath. He encompasses the talent of being able to convey multiple emotions through just the smallest of facial expressions. A slight raise of his eyebrow or even just the softening of his eyes towards particular characters can take the viewer on every moment of the emotional roller coaster that he intends to bring them on. Meanwhile, Lindsey Morgan gives her character Raven Reyes all the strength she didn’t think she had left. Even when one might think that Raven has finally given up, that she could take no more, Lindsey gives her heart and more to showcase her character clawing her way back towards a victory – no matter how minor it may seem. The entire cast is a joy to watch but these two are standouts that make even the most unbearable storylines (again, looking to you, season three) easy to sit through and immerse oneself in. I look forward to seeing how our favorite groups will come together again, how Bellamy has dealt with his guilt over Clarke’s fate, and what the time-jump means for the multiple relationships on the show.” – Mary


2017-0514-RISE-NBCUXD-responsive-ABOUT-1920x1080From the producers of Friday Night LightsHamilton, and RENT comes a musical drama inspired by the famed theater program at Harry S. Truman High School in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Starring Auli’i Cravalho (Moana), Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother), Rosie Perez, and Damon J. Gillespie, the show is about a retired-teacher attempting to revive an underfunded school’s nationally-recognized theater program. Rise is set to premiere on NBC, March 13th.

“I’m a sucker for musicals, misfits, found families, and stories set in academic settings. So far, this show checks all of those boxes. I think Rise shows a lot of promise. I’ve seen a lot of people compare it to GLEE or say that maybe it could be the next GLEE but I’m not sure if it’s fair to give the show that comparison/ judgment just yet. The premise may be similar but the feeling of the show seems to be on its own. I’m also excited to know what songs are going to be used on the show. Based on a few hints (from Auli’i’s twitter and from reading about the show to write this blurb) we’re getting some Spring Awakening which means we’ll definitely be seeing teen angst coming out of its cage and doing just WTF this spring. (Also here’s to the potential Auli’i ‘Mama Who Bore Me’ cover which I’m very hopeful for.)” – Brie


092d9a1a-1006-40b7-8a6d-0dd93b5a60bdIn the coastal town of Bristol Cove, a mysterious girl/mermaid named Ryn (Eline Powell) arrives and inadvertently exposes the reality of sirens while also causing a war for the ocean. Siren is set to premiere on Freeform, March 29th.

“I’ve read Odysseus a decent amount of times and each time I read it, I always feel like the sirens are way more iconic than they get credit for. Sometimes the heroes that we need are mythical women luring men to death with their voices, you know? I don’t know that much about this show, most of my excitement for the show comes from wondering where Freeform is going to go with this show. It seems like its going to be the channel’s darkest show but I’m also really curious about how the show is going to incorporate mythology into the story while also standing alone. To my knowledge, this might be the first television show to focus on mermaids (fact check me on that and I’ll retract) so they have some room to work with it.” – Brie

Star Wars Rebels

Star_Wars_Rebels_Season_Four_posterWhen this Star Wars series returns in 2018, it will be showcasing the final chapters in the story of the Ghost crew. At least for the time being. Fans will get to see the conclusion of the situation on Lothal, the rescue of Hera, and, hopefully, the knowledge of the fates of some key members. Currently unknown when Star Wars Rebels returns.

“When this Star Wars series returns in 2018, it will be showcasing the final chapters in the story of the Ghost crew. At least for the time being. Fans will get to see the conclusion of the situation on Lothal, the rescue of Hera, and, hopefully, the knowledge of the fates of some key members. While many fans are certain that the end of the series also means the end of Order 66-survivor Kanan Jarrus, there’s much more to unpack before the story ends. I look forward to seeing the obstacles our heroes will have to face in the coming episodes. It will also be interesting to compare the rescue efforts for Hera in season four versus those that took place in first season for Kanan. Ultimately, viewers are sure to be guaranteed an emotionally satisfying and jaw-dropping finale to the wonderful series” – Mary

The Bold Type (*Potential*)

600x600bb-85With a huge fan following in the first season, The Bold Type was renewed by Freeform for at least two more seasons. The show follows three best friends named Jane (Katie Stevens), Kat (Aisha Dee), and Sutton (Meghann Fahy) as they work at global woman’s magazine SCARLET and deal with love, identity, sexuality, and fashion in New York City. Currently unknown when The Bold Type returns.

“If you follow my personal Twitter, you probably saw me tweeting once or twice or however many times about how badly I wanted The Bold Type to be renewed. And then you probably saw me excitedly tweet about the renewal of the show. The Bold Type became one of my self-care remedies this year. It’s just such a wonderful and refreshing show to watch, especially as a writer and as someone co-running Teenplicity. (Not that working at SCARLET is exactly like working on Teenplicity.) What I enjoy about the show is that these women are all individuals and so supportive of each other. It’s one of the most accurate portrays of friendship amongst women that I’ve seen. But, they also have their own insecurities that are so relatable and honest and not only makes you root for them but makes you see yourselves in them. The Bold Type is just such a kickass show filled with women with agency and they have the slow burn that I’m so excited to continue seeing, which is none other than, Kadena. And my heart is genuinely so full because now I know that at least for two more seasons I get to see these wonderful characters and this wonderful ship. (Also, I’m graduating in May, anyone who works at The Bold Type that just so happens to see this, please feel free to hire me.)” – Brie

Honorable Mentions
  • The Mayor (ABC)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)
  • Impractical Jokesters
  • Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC)
  • The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX)

2018 in Movies

Proud Mary

Proud_MaryLead by Taraji P. Henson, Proud Mary is about a successful hitwoman named Mary Goodwin (Henson) whose life is shifted when one of her professional hits leaves a young boy orphaned. The cast includes Danny Glover, Billy Brown, and Jahi Di’Allo Winston as the young boy. Proud Mary is set to release in US theaters, January 12th.

“If there’s anything I love more than Auntie Taraji P. Henson (she’s not my real auntie but let a girl dream, please…) it’s getting to see auntie Taraji as the main character killing the game. So, I have to say, Proud Mary perfectly fits my brand. My grammy and I currently have plans to see it together because we’re just that excited to see her take on a character that I hope will be as iconic as Cleopatra Jones or just about every character Pam Grier has ever played. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here but it blows my mind to think that just a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to imagine this premise starring Taraji. In my mind, if this premise came out a few years ago, I would assume it would have starred one of the Hollywood Chrises or a Ryan with Taraji maybe as a confidant or something. I just really don’t want this feeling I have looking at all of these shows and movies with black and brown girls and women in it and having agency and purpose to end.” – Brie

Cloverfield 3

Cloverfield-3The third movie of the Cloverfield franchise, Cloverfield 3 (potentially called God Particle) focuses on a team of astronauts that finds themselves having to fight for survival after a scientific experiment makes the Earth vanish. The cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo, and John Ortiz. Cloverfield 3 is set to release in US theaters, February 2nd.

“Cloverfield is probably the first monster movie franchise I fell in love with, even before it was a turned into the ever-continuing story it is now. While 10 Cloverfield Lane is by far the best of the series to date, it had been cheapened by the ending as it was inserted fully into the universe. The creativity and thrill it achieved and carried throughout could have resonated more deeply if they left more questions than answers with the end, alluding to the monster that appeared in the first film but never quite immersing itself completely. What I enjoy so far about the series is that the characters stories from each film don’t connect. There’s no relation between any of them except for the fact they are all trying to survive during these events that are taking place. I’m excited to see where the third film in the saga will take this, especially since it takes place in space. Though details are minimal concerning the film, a promising cast with the likes of David Oyelowo and Gugu Mbatha-Raw amongst them has my excitement skyrocketing even more.” – Mary

Black Panther

o4yQZ8HkaE2BEpFW4fOhUgThe next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther finds T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) returning home as the king of Wakanda after the events of Captain America: Civil War and being challenged by a long-time adversary (Michael B. Jordan). Directed by Ryan Coogler, Black Panther features multiple heavy hitters including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Daniel Kaluuya, Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, and Letitia Wright. Black Panther is set to release in US theaters, February 16th.

“As you read this blurb, please imagine that I’m screaming the whole time because Black Panther is literally about to be so lit, no one is ready for it. I haven’t seen anything besides the trailers but I promise you that none of us are ready for it. I, like everyone else, have already deemed Black Panther the best movie in the MCU. Is that an incredibly high expectation? Yes, but have you seen the trailer and promo pictures and cast?! IT’S SO LIT! I mentioned in my Black Lightning blurb how much it meant to me to see black people (especially black girls) getting to be superheroes on television, well can you IMAGINE HOW EXCITED I AM THAT WE ALSO GET TO SEE US KILLING THE GAME AND SAVING THE WORLD AND THRIVING AS SUPERHEROES IN A MOVIE?! Y’ALL A MARVEL MOVIE?! WE OUT HERE! Chadwick Boseman just about stole the show in his Civil War cameo and T’Challa is such a compelling hero because of all of the responsibilities he carries and his strive to be a good person while the world is in shambles because everyone has a different definition of what good means and how someone should use their power and just AHHHHHHHHH BLACK PANTHER IS ABOUT TO BE SO LIT! The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will. Be. Live.” – Brie

“There are so many reasons for the excitement surrounding this film. Not only does it highlight Marvel’s first nearly all-black cast, but its fictional kingdom Wakanda is one of the richest and most technologically advanced, a stark contrast to the way the Western world tends to incorrectly view all of Africa. Chadwick Boseman gave an enticing performance as Black Panther when he first appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Pairing that with sure to be electrifying performances by Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett, and Michael B. Jordan, enthusiasm continues to rise for the film. A cherry on top? Kendrick Lamar is reportedly recording a song exclusively for the film. I. Am Ready.” – Mary

A Wrinkle in Time

a-wrinkle-in-time-posterDirected by the Ava DuVernay, A Wrinkle in Time is based on the beloved children’s novel of the same name written by Madeleine L’Engle. The story is about a girl named Meg Murray (Storm Reid) who has to travel across the universe with the help of three astral travelers (Oprah, Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon) in order to save her father (Chris Pine) who is being held captive on a distant planet. Rounding out the cast includes Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Rowan Blanchard, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Peña, and Levi Miller. A Wrinkle in Time is set to release in US theaters, March 9th.

“I’m not entirely sure how A Wrinkle in Time managed to never be put on any school reading lists I’ve ever had, but I’ve yet to read this book. However, It’s on my ‘To-Read’ List and I definitely plan on reading it before the movie comes out. The very first time I saw the trailer for this movie, I had to cover my mouth to keep from screaming. (Don’t believe me? I tweeted when it happened.) There are so many amazing people featured in this cast and Ava DuVernay is a living legend of a human being/director and the trailer looks SO AMAZING! Yet again! We have another movie where a black girl (or biracial however Storm/the movie wants Meg to identify) has agency! She gets to save the world! She gets to be the protagonist! Of a science-fiction movie! That means we exist in a science-fiction movie where people can travel across universes! And a black woman got to direct it and envision how the story would look and how it would be told! I know that black girls have always had agency and have always had a purpose and have always been protagonists in our own lives and existence; I don’t need television or movies to tell me that. But, oh how great of a reminder it is to have when I’m watching television and watching movies and I see us being just as significant and human and talented and vulnerable and multifaceted there as I see every day in the real world.” – Brie

“If I’m being honest, I never actually read the book despite the summer reading requirements. But the trailers for this film on top of the stellar cast it presents has me wanting to remedy that immediately. The trailer pulls at my heartstrings at what this young girl would do to save her father. I can’t wait to watch the story unfold.” – Mary

Love, Simon

lovefullBased on the book Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli, the story focuses on Simon Spier (Nick Robinson), a 17-year-old closeted gay high school student who is forced to play wingman for a student threating to out his sexuality to the whole school. Alongside Robinson, the cast includes Katherine Langford, Alexandra Shipp, Keiynan Lonsdale, Jennifer Gardner, and Josh Duhamel. Love, Simon is set to release in US theaters, March 16th.

“Again, another book that’s on my ‘To Read Before the Movie Comes Out’ List, therefore, my commentary will be based on how I perceive the trailer. Watching this trailer gives me such a warm feeling in my heart. This is one of the few times (correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll retract) a mainstream (or mainstreamish?) movie is centered on a character who is gay with the already established connotation that it’s okay and that it’s normal and that there is hope even when going to high school and being a teenager and living in a bigoted, heteronormative world is, well, terrible. How great is it that there’s going to be a teen movie where a character is a part of the LGBTQQIA+ community but isn’t the punchline. Or where a character being a part of the LGBTQQIA+ community isn’t just a side character there to fill a quota, fit a stereotype, or randomly pop in once in awhile to give the straight character some advice on their straight relationship? With the success of CarolMoonlight and hopefully this movie, I hope that Hollywood sees that the LGBTQQIA+ community deserves to be represented and respected and present in multiple narratives, not just one.” – Brie

“YES YES YES!!! Though films starring LGBT+ couples have mostly stayed on streaming networks or indie circuits, it’s nice to see a movie get promoted in such a great sense and that’s also about growing up and young love. There’s normal, everyday type of charm that accompanies this film and that’s what draws me to it most– because it’s normal. So many times was the only LGBT+ character sidelined, “not into labels”, or only occurring in supernatural elements as if it is out of the ordinary to happen in our lives, so it’s nice to see it be treated like any regular heterosexual film. I’m just really excited and Nick Robinson gives his character such a wonderfully quirky and charming presence as he comes to terms with revealing this secret. I can’t wait for it to come out.” – Mary

Tomb Raider

Tomb_Raider_(2018_film)The latest movie adaptation of Tomb Raider explores Lara Croft’s (Alicia Vikander) first expedition to complete her father’s research. Alongside Vikander, the movie includes Emily Carey, Dominic West, Daniel Wu, and Hannah John-Kamen. Tomb Raider is set to release in US theaters, March 16th.

“I want to thank Mary for letting me know that this is even a thing! Please give me all of the action-adventure films with women as the lead! Preferably let them also not be sexualized for men in the audience and also let the women have friendships/relationships with other women that can also hold their own because we need more women in action-adventure films that aren’t just love interests or in crop tops saying snarky one-liners! I grew up vaguely on Tomb Raider (including the Angelina Jolie movie that I remember very little of…) and I always thought she was pretty cool, but I’m hoping this version can be cool and amazing and well-rounded without it feeling like the character has to be approachable enough for the boys and men that watch to objectify her.” – Brie

“I cannot even begin to explain my enthusiasm when I see a female as the led in an action-adventure film. I don’t mean as a supporting character or the love interest but I mean the true lead where the story is hers. And oh my gosh, I could not be more excited for Tomb Raider. An origin story for a legendary character so many grew to love through video games. This film already checks off so many boxes of what I want to see more of. As someone who grew up playing videos constantly, there was only ever one token female character available, if that. But Lara Croft was always the main character in each game, despite the obvious pandering to fanboys through her appearance in each go. Though this is not the first venture into a film for this character – I seriously will not even go into what filmmakers thought was necessary to recreate the character in Angelina Jolie’s first turn – this is the film I’m most excited for and will probably enjoy the most out of its series.” – Mary

Pacific Rim: Uprising

Pacificrim2-posterTen years after the Battle of the Breach in the first movie, ex-Jaeger pilot Jake Pentecost (John Boyega), son of the late Stacker Pentecost (Idris Alba), has to unite and recruit the world’s Jaeger pilots to save humanity from extinction. Pacific Rim: Uprising is set to release in US theaters, March 23rd.

“I haven’t seen the first Pacific Rim movie yet so I’m just here to say that the trailers look really cool, John Boyega looks really beautiful, and I’m super proud of Karan Brar (who we’ve featured on our site twice) for booking a role in the movie.” – Brie

“John Boyega. Need I say more? Okay, I probably should. Pacific Rim had been an entertaining and emotionally charging film in its own right. The intensity that follows Jaeger pilots when they are engaged in The Drift, or the act of connecting their minds and bodies together to operate the Jaeger which makes for interesting relationships between characters. While the first film left a satisfying enough end to not continue the saga, I’m excited to see John Boyega take on the role of Jake Pentecost, the son of Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost. Given that his on-screen dad will be dead in the sequel and their most likely strained relationship prior to the film, I’m curious to see how previous events have affected him and what it means as Jaegers become a necessity once more.” – Mary

Avengers: Infinity War

avengers-infinity-war-poster-comic-conFour years after Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 and all of the aftermath from Captain America: Civil War, the Avengers, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy must team up to stop Thanos once he arrives on Earth to collect all of the Infinity Stones. Avengers: Infinity War is set to release in US theaters, May 4th.

“I’ll admit, after Age of Ultron, I was a little worried about the Infinity War movies. I started to wonder if it’d be possible for the MCU to have that many characters featured and still have the story not feel like a mess. Honestly, I’m still worried about it. It’s such a big cast and all of these characters have already been established and garnered fanbases, so of course, I’m worried. But, I will say that Civil War did help put a little more faith back into the pot. And then I saw the trailer for Infinity War and just kind of went ‘Wooooooooooooow’ for a really long time, like that gif of Tanisha from Bad Girls Club when she looks at the computer and tears up then has to walk away? Yeah, that one. I’m just so excited about a lot of things and from a storytelling standpoint (because I’m such a writer) I’m really excited about how Marvel is going to wrap up this era. They have these movies charted out for years and years, it’s wild to think that this is both a stepping stone in the MCU path and also the end of something that has literally changed the way we view cinema. But Marvel really did That. (Sidenote: Can you believe we’ll get to see T’Challa in TWO (2) movies this year?! Wow. An icon.)” – Brie

“With the exception of some subplots in the second Avengers film, seeing these beloved superheroes team up together to fight a greater good is always a joy. The expanding universe allows new relationships and dynamics to form thanks to fresh characters, as well as giving a spin to some original friendships. Each film has proved the stakes to grow with each victory. Now, the Avengers are facing their greatest villain in Thanos as he collects the Infinity Stones. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is enjoyable to watch and immersive in its elements enough to make even the most extraordinary things seem possible. While I look forward to seeing the Avengers come together despite their differences for the greater good, I also am excited to see my favorite dynamics in action – specifically the trio of Steve Rogers/Captain America, Sam Wilson/Falcon, and Natasha Romanov/Black Widow. Each facet of the threesome is enticing and charming, offering their own uniqueness and quirks. Most of all I just can’t wait to see how it all turns out, even if everyone probably dies in the end. Thanks, Thanos.” – Mary

Solo: A Star Wars Story

han-solo-star-wars-spinoff-cast-alden-ehrenreich-donald-gloverA space western based on the life of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) before he meets Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. The cast includes Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson as Beckett, Thandie Newton, and Emilia Clark. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to release in US theaters, May 25th.

“This film made the list more out of curiosity than burning desire to see the film. The original directing duo was fired weeks before the completion of principal photography in June due to major creative differences. Veteran director and producer Ron Howard stepped in, expanding the few weeks of reshoots to about four months. I’m curious to see just how exactly this film will play out when it goes to theaters.” – Mary

Ocean’s 8

oceans 26783.dngDescribed as a sequel, “soft reboot,” and spin-off of the Ocean’s TrilogyOcean’s 8 focuses on Danny Ocean’s estranged sister, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) who attempts to pull off a heist at the annual New York City Met Gala. Along with Bullock, the cast includes Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina. Ocean’s 8 is set to release in US theaters, June 8th.

“I think we’re all in agreement that Rihanna is the Queen of the Met Gala, right? Like we all tune in to see everyone’s looks, but the Met Gala technically doesn’t start until Rihanna shows up in the best outfit of the night. It’s not even an unspoken rule because we establish this every year. And now, finally, in 2018, Rihanna is helping pull off the heist of the century at it! I mean, it’s only in a scripted movie, but still, I’m so ridiculously excited. Each time one of the women was announced as being a part of this movie I grew giddier. Listen, I really love a good heist movie and a good found family movie and a good ‘multiple women existing in a movie together and the thing binding them together isn’t men’ movie. And would you look at that? This movie checks all three boxes! I will absolutely be going to the movies to see this in my best trenchcoat, a pair of really nice sunglasses and a fancy looking diamond necklace that’s actually some costume jewelry from a Party City.” – Brie

“What was I saying about more women in action-adventure films? While this movie falls more in the action/crime thriller category, it not only gives the spotlight to women of multiple backgrounds and ages but also gives them the driving seat in the heist genre. With a star-studded list of actresses ready to take the world by storm, I’m excited to sit back and watch them take over. The only thing more I could truly want for this film is for them to give Cate Blanchett’s character a girlfriend. Please?” – Mary

Incredibles 2

MV5BMTYzMzc1ODM0MV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjM5ODAyNDM@._V1_UX182_CR0,0,182,268_AL_In the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles, Incredibles 2 brings us back to the Parr family as they continue to struggle to maintain normal lives while Helen fights crime and Bob remains at home with Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack who is coming into his superpower(s). Incredibles 2 is set to release in US theaters, June 15th.

“Finally, the time has come for The Incredibles to return and remind us why they are That Family. I mean seriously, can you think of another movie that took this long to give us a sequel? (Scroll down to Mary Poppins Returns.) I’m really excited about The Incredibles 2 because like everyone else, I thought The Incredibles was a great standalone movie but was also developed in a way that also opened up the possibilities for a sequel. One of the magical things about Disney/Pixar is that their sequels are almost always just as strong as the first one. Of course, since we also had to wait years for this, I imagine the pressure was put on them to make sure it delivers. The only sad thing is that I don’t think there’s any way they could possibly top the Frozone ‘Where’s my super suit’ scene from the first movie.” – Brie

“My childhood summed up in one sequel. To be honest, I’m always excited when a new Disney/Pixar animated flick comes out. Disney animations have this uncanny ability to always tug at my heartstrings and make me cry, no matter what. I’m especially excited for this film as we will be back with the Parr family to watch them tackle what could be their toughest challenge yet – Jack-Jack and his massive library of powers.” – Mary

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

A sequel to the beloved 2008 movie Mamma Mia!, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again returns to the Greek villa with Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) pregnant which leads to the story of how her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) managed motherhood at such a young age. Mamma Mia 2 is set to release in US theaters, July 20th.

“A hit Broadway musical turned film now has a sequel and it’s getting fans of the Broadway show and ABBA’s music excited. The music is something that I grew up listening to. Getting to enjoy the first film with my mom, who shared the magic of “Dancing Queen” since I was young, this is definitely a film that caught both of our interests. The visuals look just as beautiful as before, favorite characters have returned, and there’s also the speculation that *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT* Donna might be dead?! We shall see…” – Mary

Christopher Robin

A comedy-drama adventure film starring Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell finds Christopher Robin (McGregor) all grown up and lacking the imagination he had when he was young. As a result, Winnie-the-Pooh and the rest of the gang return to help him find it again. Christopher Robin is set to release in US theaters, August 3rd.

“While I’m not sure on what to expect from this live-action Disney adventure with a grown-up Christopher Robin, I am intrigued at the pairing of Ewan McGregor and Hayley Atwell. I’m also interested to see how they develop and create the story of this adult character returning to the Hundred Acre Woods to spend time with his old pals. Definitely something I’m excited to learn more about in the new year.” – Mary

Mary Poppins Returns

19222929_159739214566862_5957960655079813483_oA sequel to the beloved 1964 movie Mary Poppins, is set in 1930s London as Jane (Emily Mortimer) and Michael Banks (Ben Whishaw) are all grown up with children. After Michael suffers a personal loss, Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt), a street lamplighter named Jack (Lin-Manuel Miranda), and eccentric cousin Topsy (Meryl Streep) come in to help the family. Mary Poppins Returns is set to release in US theaters, December 25th.

“Okay, so this sequel took like 53 years to come out. I’m really interested to see how Disney puts Mary Poppins into the hearts of a new generation. I mean, the first one released in the 60s and the movie is so significant in pop culture that it has managed to make an impression on every generation since. It’s made so much of an impression that Julie Andrews has a special place in all of our hearts and we see her as the real-life Mary Poppins. So, Emily Blunt has big shoes to fill but I’m really excited to see what she brings to the table and how she carries on the legacy. I’m also excited to see how the new music measures up to the original music and since Lin-Manuel Miranda has joked about it a few times, I’m also excited to hear his British accent.” – Brie

“This film has to be the one I’m most cautious of. If something isn’t broke, then don’t fix it. Of course, there’s also the desire to continue a story or to breath a new life into it. For this film, I don’t know if I’m more nervous for the cast or for myself as a viewer. To measure up to such an iconic film with legendary actors is tough to do and despite any initial doubts or hesitance I had, I’m keeping an open mind for what it could bring us.” – Mary

The Hate U Give (*Potential*)

tNo1eRhBased on Angie Thomas’ New York Times best-selling novel of the same name, The Hate U Give focuses on 16-year-old Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) who witnesses a white police officer shoot her unarmed friend Khalil (Algee Smith) one night and then must cope with the loss while wanting to keep her anonymity and balancing between two worlds: her black neighborhood that is deprived of fair opportunities and funds to allow the residents to prosper and the affluent, predominantly white and suburban prep school she and her brother attends. The cast includes Regina Hall, Anthony Mackie, Russell Hornsby, Issa Rae, Lamar Johnson, TJ Wright, Sabrina Carpenter, Common, Megan Lawless, Dominique Fishback, and Kian Lawley. Currently unknown when The Hate U Give is expected to release.

“There’s no definite confirmation about when The Hate U Give will come out. However, regardless if The Hate U Give comes out in 2018, you should absolutely read The Hate U Give if you haven’t yet and then see the movie when it comes out. It easily became one of my favorite books and there are so many amazing actors that I’m excited to see them bring this story to life. This is such an important story and I hope the movie does Angie Thomas’ work justice but I also hope the movie is capable of showing what the power of great storytelling can do. Reading this book, I cried, I laughed, I found myself realizing this was one of the few times I was able to deeply relate to a character in a book I read in a way where I wasn’t placed in the margins, I was actually written into the page; experiences, emotions, insecurities appearances, etc. Other black girls and black boys were written into the page. All I hope is that this movie does the same.” – Brie

Honorable Mentions
  • I, Tonya
  • War With Grandpa
  • Crazy Rich Asians
  • Mulan
  • Annihilation
  • Halloween
  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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