Trinitee Stokes Reflects on KC Undercover

Trinitee Stokes is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. And thankfully, she knows it. It’s possible that the first time you saw Trinitee was from her role as robot agent Judy Cooper on the Disney Channel favorite KC Undercover. Before then, the multi-threat was already making a name for herself in 2013 by releasing her independent gospel single, “Win Now” and hosting an episode of the TV documentary The Designer Kids Project to reveal her clothing line Designs By Trinitee.

“One of my favorite designs that I made is a hot pink dress. It went up and it was one strap, but there was like another strap on the side and it was clear and it had like stripes all over it.” In order to make the dress, Trinitee and her dad went to the sewing shop and hand-draped it, “It was probably one of my favorite things that I’ve done other than my cape.”

Describing the cape she made, Trinitee explained that it’s a white cape that goes low and drapes on her shoulders, “It’s really cute, it has a little button in the middle, and it has a nice little swoosh effect when you’re in the wind.”

Looking at all of her talents, I asked Trinitee if her parents named her knowing that she’d become a triple threat and then some. With a little laugh, she says with excitement that my theory is possible, “I believe so, I mean I was in my mom’s belly just dancing and moving and dancing. So I believe so, I honestly do.”

I really think that I got to put my colorfulness into the character, like the vibrant outfits and everything and definitely my love for glitter and sparkles.

With the role of Judy, playing a robot on television has its perks. One of them being that Trinitee got to play around with more TV magic than her co-stars. “They use this cool thing called green screen or basically CGI where they’ll put my body part in some type of fabric and then in editing they’ll cut it off,” she explained about how the show makes her look like a robot. “I think [my favorite one is] once they took my head off or one time I was split in half and part of my body was on the couch. I actually did that twice, it was really cool.”

MLJP_TS0733When Trinitee first found out about the role, the opportunity to play a robot was one of the things that made her realize how badly she wanted to play Judy. “I loved [Judy because] she was a robot, she was really sassy, and we have a lot in common. So, I was like ‘Okay, we’re gonna do it.'” Going into the audition, Trinitee recalls the different rounds and eliminations that happened as the creators of the show narrowed down their choices until reaching around round four where it was her two other girls doing a chemistry test with Zendaya.

It turns out, the chemistry test with Zendaya proved how well the two girls worked together as sisters both on and off screen. “It’s really cool working with Z because she’s really nice and she’s like a real big sister to me,” Trinitee shares joking that two are really like sisters in the way that the two can both get along and get on each other’s nerves.

“I definitely got to put my sass and my sneakiness into the character. Like, there would be times where I’m like, did they do it? Like I definitely was able to put that in the character,” Trinitee brings so much personality to Judy that it’s no wonder how she ended up being a perfect fit. “I really think that I got to put my colorfulness into the character, like the vibrant outfits and everything and definitely my love for glitter and sparkles.”

In my interview Trinitee’s costar Veronica last year, Veronica shared that out of the whole cast, Trinitee would be the one most likely to be a spy. After telling her, Trinitee let out a laugh confirming that that’d probably be true. “I’m really good at context clues and I look really good in coats and fedora hats,” she laughed. “Also I’m really good at getting information and going undercover. Plus I feel like I watch so many Law and Order and Murder, She Wrote that I’m really good at figuring out who did it,” she explained for why she would make a fantastic spy.

When watching KC Undercover, the show requires viewers to stay on their toes with their plot twists, turns, and story arcs. “One that surprised me maybe was that Marisa was double teaming KC. That was surprising,” Trinitee shared about when asked about what arcs we’ve seen that stood out to her. “And then, maybe the prosthetics that we’ve done. There have been some pretty cool disguises that we’ve done that turn into surprised for other people,” one disguise that she says is her favorite is the Michael Jackson disguise that she wore for their crossover Halloween episode.

Trinitee couldn’t hint at any upcoming disguises that the Coopers may have to take on, but she did share that looking back, she thinks it’d be cool if she could have been a pony or a unicorn for a mission.

We did it; we really just made an amazing show for all these wonderful people to watch. I was so happy and so honored that I was able to be a part of it.

“There are definitely more plot twists, a lot of cool characters are coming. [Season 3] really keeps you on the edge because it’s like did he do it or did she do it like you don’t really know who did what,” Trinitee says about the 26 episode season. “The rest of the season you’re really trying to figure out who is this person and why did they do it and what is their logic behind it.” Trinitee gives no names in her hints for season 3, keeping a lot of details under wraps but she assures that at the end of everything, there’s a big “OMG” moment/reveal that’ll leave viewers saying, “Whaaaaaaat?!”

When I talked with Trinitee, the cast had just wrapped about a week or two ago on their third and final season which Trinitee shared was an emotional time. “The final day on set it was a lot going on. It was a lot of emotions, a lot of crying—a lot of Kleenex by the way. So when the director said, ‘That’s a season wrap,’ I was like, ‘Oh wow!'” People from past seasons of the show came out to support the cast making Trinitee see the power that the show really holds. “Everybody was there and I was like, ‘Oh wow, we did it; we really just made an amazing show for all these wonderful people to watch.’ I was so happy and so honored that I was able to be a part of it. It was such an amazing feeling and an amazing day.”

Getting to take home some memorabilia, Trinitee got to take home Judy’s box from season two, one of the paintings in the Cooper house, and some of Judy’s wardrobe. But, Trinitee also got to walk away with lessons and skills, “[I learned how] to just always stay in the moment and appreciate what you have and stay professional. To always come prepared and ready for a lot of changes. And to always just know that whatever you do, just do it as best as you can do it and perform with excellence.”

61oCb7y1I7L._SS500To perform with excellence and put your all into your work for Trinitee also includes her music which she’s currently focusing on starting with her new single, ‘”Miss Me.” “Well the meaning of ‘Miss Me’ is really just like. If someone is trying to distract you or belittle you or what you’re trying to do don’t let them do it. You stand on your goals, on your faith, on your belief, or whatever you believe and you just can’t let people tell you, ‘Oh no, this is not what you’re going to do.’ You can’t just let people run over you like that. It’s really just a song of encouragement,” Trinitee explains the upbeat pop/R&B song.

With her upcoming music, Trinitee says that she’s recorded and am working on four songs currently that should be coming out soon. She also hints that among her busy schedule, she’s also working on a “secret project that I cannot talk about.”

Having such supportive parents, Trinitee has gotten so many opportunities to hone her skills and find out the things that she loves. And among her love for acting, singing, designing, and performing, Trinitee also has a love for books and reading. “The first book [I fell in love with] when I was younger I think was like of the Dr. Seuss books. I think it was maybe like Green Eggs and Ham and then maybe The Magic School Bus. But, one of my favorite books right now is Inkheart. It is so good,” she says referring to the Cornelia Funke bestseller. “[It’s about] this dad and his daughter on this chase because her dad is a bookbinder. But his wife got sucked into a book and these characters pop out of the book and they go on this wild goose chase to get them all back and put the other characters back into the book. It’s really good.”

To see people come up to me and tell me that I’m doing the right thing and I am getting my message across and that I am making a positive impact on the world just really means a lot to me.

Being only 11 and getting to be in this spotlight, Trinitee admits that it did take some getting used to having other people look up to her, “At first, it was really hard because I was like, ‘Okay, I’m figuring things out while other people are looking at me.’ So, I was like I can do this and then I was like I just have to be what I would want other kids to see, you know? Like, I look up to my mom; I look up to her in all these different ways so I try to do all of those amazing things so now I’ve got it. Not all the way down but I always know that those are my fans and my fans love me just as much as I love them. They gave me my amazing fanbase and they made it so that our show can run three seasons. It was all because of them and God.”

“One day I was at Magic Mountain and I was in line for a ride. This girl came up to me and she was crying and she was like, ‘You’re my role model. When I have problems or something, I know that I can just go and comment on your page and you’ll comment back,'” Trinitee notes how she often replies back to fans on social media when they reach out to her.

She continues, “She was like, ‘You know you’ve just been so helpful; I’m growing up and I just feel like I can look up to you.’ She was just saying all these amazing things and it made me realize all of this that I’m putting into and everything that I’m doing is paying off. Because sometimes you’re like am I doing the right thing? Am I getting my message across? And then to see people come up to me and tell me that I’m doing the right thing and I am getting my message across and that I am making a positive impact on the world just really means a lot to me.”

With such a strong head on her shoulders and an intention to do good, it makes sense why when I ask her if she could be any superhero, she immediately says Wonder Woman with no hesitation. A huge fan of the movie, Trinitee explains that the reason for why she loves Wonder Woman is because of the ideals she embodies and the power she holds. “She’s such a superhero of empowerment and she does literally anything and everything. She doesn’t have a lot of other gadgets and everything, she’s just solely strong and independent and doing everything. I’m just like, ‘You know what? You go,'” she laughs.

Similar to Wonder Woman, Trinitee shares that as long as she has a platform, she hopes that she can represent her generation in a positive light, “I hope to use my influence in a way to portray to kids that you can do anything. It doesn’t matter how young you are or how old you are as long as you put your mind to it and try your best; as long as you make an effort for it. Just dream big and go beyond the sky, go all the way to Mars—do whatever you need to do to make your dream a success.”


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(photo cred: Michael Letterlough, Jr.)

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