Introducing: The Purpose Awards!

Have you been looking for a new way to honor those that are doing good and putting good out into the world? The Streamy Awards, along with Tubefilter, just announced their plans to introduce a standalone event at the Streamy Awards this September called, “The Purpose Awards @ The Streamys!” According to the press release received by Teenplicity, the Purpose Awards will, “honor a new generation of individuals and organizations who make extraordinary contributions to make a difference in their communities and positively impact humankind.”

From the release — “Launching in 2017, The Purpose Awards recognize a new generation of online video creators, individuals, and organizations, who make extraordinary contributions to make a difference in their communities and positively impact humankind.  Founded and produced by veteran cause marketing and social impact pioneer, Lou Raiola, and his agency, Force Multiply, The Purpose Awards are conducted in collaboration with the leading resource for Youtube and online video news, and founder of the Streamy Awards, Tubefilter.”

The Purpose Awards will have six categories that you can nominate influencers for:


Nominate multi-platform campaigns that raise awareness or funds for a cause with tangible results


Nominate those with outstanding humanitarian efforts (funds raised, impact, audience engagement etc.) over the past year

Company or Brand

Nominate companies or brands for their commitment to a non-profit or NGO to achieve measurable social impact

Nonprofit or NGO

Nominate nonprofit or NGOs for achieving a measurable social impact utilizing one or more creators

Uniter Award

The Uniter Award honors the collaboration of three key stakeholders (“the creator,” “the company or brand,” and “nonprofit”) whose collaboration has contributed to the social good

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award honors a creator whose “sustained humanitarian efforts go beyond a single campaign or promotion.” Nominate someone who “embraces an ongoing commitment to utilizing their community of fans to drive social change.”

You have until Friday, June 9, 2017 at 11:59pm to send in nominations for any of these categories on the Streamy website!

To learn more about the Purpose Awards and the Streamys, you can check out the Streamys on their Twitter, Instagram, and their Website.

The 2017 Streamy Awards are set to air Tuesday, September 26.

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