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Alright, guys. We’re almost one full month into 2019 and I have just one question – how is your New Year’s resolution coming along? Are you still keeping up with it? (Okay, that was kind of more than one…)

U.S. News reported that nearly 80% of Americans will fail in keeping their resolutions by the second week of February. That’s right, only a fifth of the people who made resolutions for when the clock turned midnight on New Year’s Eve are going to still keep up their work after January ends.

Where do you fall on the spectrum? Are you still working hard on your resolution and trying your best to keep going? Have you already given up and pushed it aside until 2020 comes around? Or are you somewhere in-between?

I admit, it is a struggle. Weaning yourself off of something bad or into something good makes things easier to take control of. Lessening something bad or working your way up to something good makes the task seem less impossible and more attainable.

If you’re struggling to keep your resolution going, Forbes advised this year to scratch the word right out of your dictionary. Instead call your hopes for the New Year “goals”. The reasoning behind this is that goals tend to be more specific and tailored while resolutions are wide and vague.

Breaking your resolution up into smaller milestones will also help if you find that you’re struggling or falling off the bandwagon only a month into the new year. Instead of piling yourself with tasks or expectations, lessen your load and reach for an attainable task.

If you read my original New Year’s Resolutions post then some of this might sound repetitive. But that’s only because it’s worth repeating. While this doesn’t help for everyone, it helps me out a lot and is something worth trying.

That is part of the reason why I’m doing well with my resolution. I wanted to eat healthier in the new year and while I’m still by no means perfect, I’ve been working hard to do better today than I did yesterday. Part of it, I can definitely attribute to, is the environment I surround myself with. My kitchen feels inviting to cook in so it’s much easier to plan and cook a dinner at home. Also, it’s my mindset. I tell myself that yes, while I may have a craving for KFC or Taco Bell, is it really worth it? Not only from a health standpoint where I knew I have better choices for me at home but also from a financial standpoint of wondering if I really need to spend money on food when, again, there’s plenty at home.

But honestly – how are your resolutions or goals for 2019 coming along? Are you saving money? Eating healthier? Going to the gym or cursing less or trying to be a better friend? It’s okay to struggle with it – everyone does. The key is to figuring out why you’re struggling and how to turn it around and work with it. Sometimes even talking it through with someone helps you or maybe grabbing a friend to join you is a motivator.

Work hard. You made the effort to want to do this in 2019 so here’s a push to keep going. You’ve got this.

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