Olivia Is A Positive Force To Be Reckoned With

At the young age of 16, Olivia already has a record to show for her bubbling success in the music industry. With a completed album under her belt and a Top 30 single with it, she has proven that she has the talent and the drive to compete with the biggest musicians in pop music today.

With vocal prowess similar to major stars like Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding, Olivia comes out of the gate swinging with her newest single “Outshine The Stars”, available on iTunes later this month. Making it a staple to produce positive music that not only brings a smile to the faces of listeners but is also is able to touch their hearts, “Outshine The Stars” cements the kind of artist that Olivia is showing to be. The song holds empowering lyrics that blend perfectly with the sweet serenade of Olivia’s voice and can’t help but make listeners feel like they are important and that they always have someone on their side.

“I am really excited about it,” Olivia says of the upcoming release of “Outshine The Stars”. She says, “Life is not always easy for anyone, and in writing this song I wanted everyone to know that there is hope in life, that no one is alone, and everyone is beautiful, even if it does not always feel that way. So no matter who puts you down, breaks your heart, and makes you think you are forgotten, there is always someone out there who thinks you are perfect and beautiful just as you are. So the best you can do is love yourself!”

With lyrics in the chorus like “Don’t let your light burn out/You are worth it all/You’re not invisible,” to show that Olivia describes her desires for the song with, “The song has a great message and I just hope it makes people feel good.”

When it come to working on the single that would follow her Top 30 hit, Olivia admits that she did, and she didn’t, feel the pressure. “It is amazing to already have had a Top 30 hit and to have released an album at age 13, but I definitely wanted to grow as an artist and find my style and voice in the music industry,” Olivia reveals. “I think this song really reflects the type of artist that I am right now. It is a lot different from the singer/songwriter work I was putting out before, and I really feel that I am going down the path that fits me musically.”

Finding that right path musically has been a long time coming and involved obstacles like stage fright. “I always loved goofing around and putting on shows for my parents when I was little. And so by age 11, I was always singing in the car and around the house, and I asked them if I could take lessons. I was so keen that I went out and found my own teacher through a friend at school,” Olivia says of how she started off singing. “My mom set up one lesson to see if I would like it, and I was hooked. I started with having a couple of lessons a week, to performing at a local talent competition. I remember being so terrified to get up on that stage that I almost chickened out.”

Olivia did not let her momentary stage fright stop her though. “One pep-talk later, I got up there, sang Don’t Know Why by Norah Jones, and I was hooked! Then I went on to working on writing my own material, to releasing my first two singles by age 12, and my first album Rainfall at the age of 13! I cannot imagine doing anything else!”

Her inspirations in the music industry are a great representation of what fans can expect from her music, including her single “Outshine The Stars”.

“I love all kinds of music,” Oliva begins. “We listened to a lot of music at home growing up and always playing it in the car, so I grew up with a lot of different musical influences, including country, jazz, and even French music (my dad is from France). I really love Norah Jones, Corinne Bailey Rae, Coldplay, and especially Ed Sheeran. I love their music for different reasons. I especially love the way Ed Sheeran is a story-teller. Each song is a story from beginning to end. I am also a huge Andrew Allen fan. He is an amazing singer, songwriter, and performer, and also my most awesome mentor and manager. I have learnt a tremendous amount working with him.”

For fans who know Olivia’s YouTube page well, they’ll recognize that she covers a lot of music from the people who inspire her. “YES! The dream question!” Olivia exclaims in response to who, of the artists she has covered on her YouTube channel, she would love to collaborate with. “I would absolutely love to collaborate with both Ed Sheeran and James Bay. Not only do I love their voices, and style of music, but their songs writing skills are incredible. When you listen to their songs, you get pulled in to their stories.”

Collaborating with artists just as brilliant as these two are definitely in the plans for Olivia’s future. Thinking two years ahead, she reveals what she hopes she is accomplishing. “I just really hope to still be doing what I am doing. Writing with amazingly talented people, performing, and putting out great music. I would love to make my living doing this.”

Even though she is only 16, Olivia has been able to learn, not only about herself, but also the music industry and the world around her.

“It is a great way to express what I am feeling, whether happy or sad. It makes other people feel good too. I learnt that I love collaborating with others and just being in a creative space where we can make something that people respond to.”

Olivia continues, “I really recognize how extremely lucky I am to be surrounded by an amazing team (Managers – Andrew & Julia Allen, Radio Producer – Scott Clements, and my publicist Sera Roadnight of MT Press). If it were not for them and the support of my parents, I would not be where I am today. I have amazing fans that give me such positive feedback on social media, and seem to have great supporters out there. But it is a lot of work, and for every success I have and celebrate, there is more work to keep it going. It can get tiring, and sometimes you get let down, but I am learning to be patient as I want to do this as a career. Longevity is the goal! Besides, it is easy to do something you love. I feel really fortunate for that.”

When it comes back to her fans and the support they’ve shown her, Olivia cannot express her gratitude enough. “I love my fans,” she says. “I am always so appreciative of all the subscribers, and the comments, and the messages. It amazes me how kind people are and how willing to support me they are. If I could say one thing it would be to do what you love, but be prepared to put 100% into it, and the rewards will feel great!”


Outshine The Stars is available for pre-order on iTunes on March 14th and available for purchase on March 20th.

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