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Fresh off of two tours, Alex Angelo is working hard to make a name for himself. He recently released a single, “See Through My Eyes,” delivering the message for people to take others for something deeper than just face value. The music video, labelled as a Fangelo Project, featured fans writing what they want people to see them as. We got the chance to talk with Alex about the inspiration behind the song, music video, and his experiences on tour.

Teenplicity: Did you expect your song to be this big and play on radio stations? (asked by @trukfitmahone96)
Alex Angelo: It’s pretty amazing that this song has been the most successful one yet. I am so excited to continue working hard. Everything we release continues to get bigger and better every time. I think it’s because I am meeting and connecting with new people every day.

unnamed (6)T: Which lyric in “See Through My Eyes” sticks out to you the most and why?
AA: I think the first line. “Why do you hide in the shadows?” The first line in a song is always so important. That line really sets the tone, asking people why they hide in their own skin?

T: What was the writing process like for writing “See Through My Eyes” and where were you when you originally received the inspiration to write it?
AA: The song was written by several people, most notably Beau Cassidy. When he played me the idea, we rolled with it and knew it was perfect for what I wanted to say.

T: How do you think incorporating your fans in the video enhances the video and song overall?
AA: I think the song connects with my fans. They are a part of everything I do and I am always looking to have them involved. It has a positive message, and my fans know that I am all about being different, expressing yourself and owning it.

T: What is your favorite thing about doing Fangelo Projects? Are you working on another Fangelo Project for the future?
AA: There could absolutely be another Fangelo project in the future. My Fangelos know me the best. They are the reason I am here. If I can ever involve them in what I have going on- I do. We can create magical things together, like the video for “See Through My Eyes.”

T: You just finished touring with Megan Nicole and Sammi Sanchez, what was it like getting to tour with the two girls and how has it helped you grow?
AA: I just really enjoyed them as people. Anytime you are on the road, you can grow and pick up different things. Experiences like that are so important and special to me. This tour was great because I got to have a lot of fun and make some amazing friends that I still talk to all the time.

T: What was your favorite thing about touring on the Dazed and Confused tour and the Sweet Dreams tour? How were they similar and different?
AA: It’s funny because the Dazed and Confused tour was all guys on the tour- then the Sweet Dreams tour- I was the only guy! So it was pretty different! The Dazed and Confused Tour was longer and we got to know each other really well, and I have known Jake for a while. We worked really hard every day- and it was kinda like a Summer Camp out there. We had a tour football that we would throw around inside the venues while riding gliders around.

T: Are there any upcoming tours you are potentially headlining or going to accompany on?
AA: We have nothing to announce yet. Right now, I am focused on high school, writing music, dancing, improving my voice and more! My team is always looking for the next opportunity for me. Stay tuned. I cannot wait to see you!

T: What have you learned about yourself in the past year?
AA: I think I have learned about how much of a perfectionist I am. Everything that goes into everything I do – goes through so many steps in my mind. I am constantly changing things and perfecting them for my audience.

T: Are there obstacles you have had to overcome in order to get to where you are today?
AA: I’ve dealt with some challenges such as being taken seriously as a young artist. I’m mature for my age but often times people need to see me perform to earn their respect. I go out on stage and give it 100% always. I’m still proving myself.

T: What are some songs that you are currently obsessed with?
AA: The last time I was in LA my parents surprised me for my birthday with tickets to see Kanye West at the Hollywood Bowl. He performed the entire 808’s and Heartbreak album. He’s one of my favorite artists and so I’ve been listening to a lot of his work lately.

T: If you had to be in a woman’s body for a day, who would you choose to be? (asked by @Courtney4UGirl_)
AA: I would like to be Michelle Obama for a day and see what it’s like to live the White House. She’s a good role model and is very intelligent.


Check out the “See Through My Eyes” music video:


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