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Louisiana native Dylan Dauzat has conquered Vine, conquered Youtube, conquered Twitter and now at the age of seventeen, he’s inching towards music. His single for his fun, yet chill song “You Got That” was released in April and his music video for the song “Mine Tonight” was revealed on Youtube not too long ago in May. We got the chance and talk with him about the sweet story that inspired “You Got That,” how he hopes to empower his girl fanbase, and his anti-bullying work with the organization Do Something.


Cover art for Dylan’s single ‘You Got That’

Teenplicity: So, what’s the story behind your single, “You Got That?”

Dylan Dauzat: My newest single, “You Got That” is some what different than my other music. In the song I sing about being on a vacation and wanting to be seen by a beautiful girl. Once I have her attention that I was looking for, we became very close friends! Fun fact, this was a real experience!

T: Speaking of girls, a strong majority of your fan base are girls, do you attempt to make it a priority to help empower them? If so, how?

DD: Yes, of course, I do. I want them to feel beautiful and happy in their own skin. There is so much negativity in this world, people need someone to make them happy; I try and be that guy. But no matter the gender, I try to treat people the way I want to be treated.

T: Was there anything from when you were younger that has inspired you for the work that you do?

DD: Yes, to always be myself, and not fake who I am. I believe this shows in all the content I release. In anything you do whether it be music or whatever, you have to be yourself because if you’re genuine and happy with what you do, it will radiate from the content you release.

T: You have some pretty big numbers on Vines and Youtube, why do you personally think they have gained so much popularity?

DD: Like I said in the last question, being myself. I love to be goofy and make random jokes that my fans must really like. I am also not afraid to be silly or make a mistake because that’s really life, no one is perfect all of the time, if they were, it would be a pretty boring life.

T: What is your favorite thing about using Vine and Youtube?

DD: To be able and express myself, and release my goofy side on camera. There is something so liberating about being in front of the camera, I can be just hanging out in my room, but I also know I have a voice because there are a great amount of people that watch my videos and vines.

Magnetic EP THICK

Cover Art for Dylan’s new EP ‘Magnetic’

T: So, who are your favorite Viners and Youtubers?

DD: My favorite Youtuber has to be Connor Franta and favorite Viner is Rudy Mancuso.

T: What do you hope to achieve with your work?

DD: Happiness and inspiration. When I release new music, I want them to be able and enjoy it and here stories about my life and feel inspired to do the same.

T: In 10 years, where do you hope to see yourself?

DD: I hope to see much more music released and possibly be in movies. I am more excited about the journey that the next 10 years  take me on.

T: You’ve also done work with Do Something, why did you choose to do #TheBullyText?

DD: Yes, I work with the non-profit campaign called The reason I joined is because bullying is a HUGE issue in today’s society. I don’t like when people think they are better than others and make people feel inferior. I think you should treat others the way you want to be treated and above all, whether you are “famous” or not, no one likes to be made to feel bad about themselves.

T: With that said, are there any other charities you’d like to get involved with?

DD: I would love to work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the future.

T: Finally, is there a message you would like to say to any of your fans reading this interview?

DD:  Hey there my Dylanators! Just saying I love you all with all of my heart, and thanks for everything you have done for me! Your support means everything to me. You make my dreams come true every day. Much love, xoxo

You can keep up to date on all things Dylan Dauzat by checking out his Twitter, Vine, Youtube, and Instagram accounts. His singles “You Got That” and “Mine Tonight” are available on iTunes now. His new EP “Magnetic” is set to release June 4th.

(Photo Cred: Joseph Hernandez)

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