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With the release of her new EP “ETCHED,” Texas-born singer/songwriter Kerri Medders is succeeding on her road to the top.

Music has been something that she’s interested in and enjoyed since a young age. Kerri says, “Ever since I was little, I’ve always been musically inclined. I think when I was about seven I really wanted to take it more seriously. I started lessons and writing some songs, and it has stuck ever since.”

In a business that is difficult to break out in, Kerri has had the opportunity to tour around the country this past year, as well as gather a dedicated fan-base that she dubs her “lovebugs”.

“I feel this business is very tough, but I mean, every business is hard to break into,” Kerri says. “I also think it’s challenging because I am still young and a lot of the music I want to produce isn’t something a normal girl my age would produce.”

However, Kerri is pushing through the obstacles in her way. “I think I’m starting to finally get my foot in the door of opportunity, which is exciting!”

Kerri’s new EP “ETCHED” features four songs, one of which she wrote all by herself.

“I love [the songs] all so much but if I have to pick one, I would say ‘Morning Coffee.’ I’m super proud of that one because I wrote it all by myself. I also had a vision of what I wanted the production to sound like on the song,” says Kerri of her favorite song off of the EP. “It’s 100 percent Kerri Medders and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it!”Kerri Medders 3

Kerri hopes that her fans enjoy her EP but above all, she says, “I honestly hope they feel the empowerment in these songs. I worked for a good year trying to figure out my sound and I just now started to explore this new ‘sound’ I created with this EP. I just want everyone to feel the vibes,” exclaims Kerri. “That’s all I want!”

“I believe in being confident and strong and that’s what I want to share with my fans,” says Kerri in addition. “Aside from that, I really just want them to enjoy the vibes.”

Overall, Kerri exclaims excitedly that the release of this EP is “SUPER EXCITING!” She says, “It’s such an accomplishment for myself! It’s so me and 100 percent authentic – I can’t wait for the feedback I get on ETCHED!”

For a difficult industry, Kerri has received great advice from others. “Slow and steady wins the race to long term success. Stay consistent and don’t give up.”

Kerri looks up to another musical starlet as her role model. She chose Taylor Swift when Teenplicity asked her. “She’s so supportive and interactive with her fans!” Kerri explains. “I love it! Also, she’s super successful in her music career which is an inspiration to myself, as a young artist.”

Much like Swift, Kerri has faced many obstacles in her life like rejection. “All of the rejection I think is an obstacle in itself,” Kerri states. “It’s like you’re traveling on a road to a destination you don’t know but your tires keep getting torn up by little pieces of sharp rocks and then you have to keep changing out your tires.”

On the obstacles she has to deal with, Kerri says, “The different obstacles are keeping you from your end goal but as long as you keep working and pushing, it will all pay off.”

She accepts the difficulties that are coming her way. “I do love the adventure of this journey I’m taking so I don’t have anything bad to say about it. It makes me a stronger person in the end.”

“I think I’m still learning,” Kerri explains. “All I have to say is that every day is a new adventure and I’m taking that adventure by storm. Every day I learn something new about myself.”

Kerri has no plans to sit back and take it easy in the future. “I’m hoping to be on tour as an opening act soon,” she says. “I heard Twenty One Pilots is doing a tour next summer so who knows? I wonder if they need an opener,” Kerri says with a laugh. “Seriously… I’m available!”

Courtesy: Instagram // kerrimedders

Courtesy: Instagram // kerrimedders

With all that is happening in her life, Kerri is thankful to have her lovebugs with her. “My lovebugs are so beautiful. They are so amazing and I feel like we’re all best friends, especially over social media,” she says. “If you look online, one of my lovebugs made a t-shirt with my track list to my EP ‘ETCHED.’ I almost cried tears of joy because it’s just a moment of ‘Wow. There is someone out there who is actually listening to what I’m putting out!’ All of their support truly means the world to me.”

Her departing words were for her fans. “I want to say that you lovebugs are so beautiful, creative, and loyal. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have you as fans. I can’t wait for us to grow together.”


Kerri Medders’ EP “ETCHED” is available on iTunes now!

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