Triple Threat Trinitee Stokes

“Triple Threat” is a description that only scratches the surface of who Trinitee Stokes is. At only nine years old, she stars on the hit Disney Channel comedy “K.C. Undercover”, she designs her own clothes, and she’s writing a series of books. On top of that, she’s an inspiration to many that you can do whatever you dream to.

Trinitee’s character on “K.C. Undercover” is a Junior Undercover Digital Youth, or simply a robot called Judy who is there to help the Cooper family. Her mission is to protect the family on their spy missions and does so by living with the Coopers and passing off as the youngest daughter.

“My auditioning process wasn’t hard at all, but it was pretty intense. It was the first time I had to audition in front of SO many people,” Trinitee says of her process of getting the role. “The executive producer Mr. Rob Lotterstein had me do some improve during the audition. That made it very calming for me. By the 3rd audition for the role, I started to get nervous. I was so close to booking and did not want to mess it up,” she confesses. But there was no need for her to worry. “My parents and my coach, Cheryl Faye, reassured me to just keep praying, believing God, to be at peace, and to just be me.”

The title character of the show is played by Zendaya, which, Trinitee admits, made her nervous for a moment before it turned into excitement. “I knew it was an opportunity of a lifetime and all I had to do was to simply be me.”

As for what fans can expect in season two, Trinitee says, “Everyone can expect lots of crazy and wild missions, more fight scenes, great guest stars, and a lot of episodes full of suspense!”

When asked what her favorite scenes were, she dished out that group scenes are the best. “My favorite scenes to shoot are the ones when the family is all together and the ones where I am pulling off my body parts!”

Though “K.C. Undercover” is a huge part of her life, when Trinitee isn’t filming, she’s designing. “Designs by The Trinitee” is the fashion line that Trinitee is working on constantly, though her pieces aren’t inspired by her television character.

“We both love shiny clothes but Judy’s wardrobe hasn’t inspired any of my original designs,” she says.  “Although, her colorful styles resemble a lot of my own person style.”

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

It’s her own colorful style that helped to inspire the idea of creating her own line. “I like lots of color, sparkle, and unique types of fashion. While shopping, it was hard to find things that really said, “BAM!” So I figured I would just make my own.”

The clothes she’s working on at the moment are formal dresses for her to wear on the red carpet for various events next spring, like awards shows. “The pieces are color, elegant, and have a touch of bling to them,” Trinitee divulges on what fans might see her wearing come the spring award season.

“I feel so empowered when wearing my own designs on the carpet,” Trinitee says. “It is a constant reminder that I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

Trinitee goes on to say about her line, “I love the fact that the majority of my designs are colorful and represent the person that I am. It feels good to know that any girl, any size can wear them.”

On top of her already busy schedule, Trinitee is working on a book series with her mother. Inspired by her love of reading, she explains that she reads because for her, it’s an escape into another world. “I can go anywhere I want to go just by reading,” she says. Although the genre of her series hasn’t been specified yet, she says that she personally likes to read mystery books.

The children’s series that Trinitee and her mother are working on actually started a few years ago. Trinitee shares, “Each book will inspire children and help them work through different life situations.” Exclaiming, she says, “I can’t wait for everyone to read them!”

When she’s not reading books or writing her own, she does book drives! Of the several book drives she hosts each year, the donated books are then given to children’s homes and shelters in the LA area. Trinitee hopes that her big heart inspires her fans to help out.

“Once I set up my next book drive (next spring), I would love for fans to donate a book to help with the cause.” If you want to know how, she tells fans to watch her social media as she’ll be posting any information there!

With so much already accomplished before the age of 10, Trinitee wishes that others see that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to. “I hope that everyone knows that it is possible to use every gift and talent that you are blessed with. It doesn’t matter your age; you can do anything.”

Trinitee tells Teenplicity that despite her extremely busy schedule, she’s not overwhelmed at all. “My parents do a very good job with making sure that everything I do is balanced,” she says.

Balancing her projects and other things in life is what Trinitee says she learned in the last year. “There are a lot of things that I want to do and a lot of places I want to go to. I have figured out that I can do them all as long as I balance my time.”

“I want to inspire others to always ‘just be’ themselves and love who God made them,” Trinitee says when Teenplicity asked what she hopes to inspire in others. “I want them to look at my life and see that with faith and dedication, no matter how big your dream is, you can obtain it.”

For her fans that have given her so much support, Trinitee says about them, “Go after every dream that they have in their hearts. If they believe in God, work really hard, then nothing is impossible to them.”

To catch up on the latest things that Trinitee Stokes is working on, you can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her own website!

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