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In terms of the films that have shaped generations of adolescents and young adults, there tends to be a common denominator with each one. From choreographing Dirty Dancing to directing Hocus Pocus and Disney Channel film franchise hits High School Musical and Descendants¸ Kenny Ortega seems to have a knowledge of the inner workings for success in these markets. This is something he brings with him to Netflix with the new hit series, Julie and the Phantoms.

For actress Savannah Lee May, working with who some might call a living legend is a dream come true.

“It’s honestly surreal to say the least,” she says of working with Kenny Ortega. “It’s obvious he creates pure magic on the screen but there’s this unique quality about his projects and as an audience member, you can’t really put into words what it is. After working with him, it’s very clear that what makes his work so special is how he surrounds the set with so much love and room for creativity with everyone.”

Julie and the Phantoms was Savannah’s first time working with the beloved director. She says of the experience, “He’s every actor’s dream director to work with. He wants to hear all of your ideas no matter how crazy they might sound, and he gets excited to hear your input.” She gushes, “Having that kind of collaborative relationship with such an icon is so insane. Plus, he’s just one of the kindest souls you will ever meet and is so welcoming from the second you first meet him. He’s truly one in a million.”

Even before working together on the Netflix hit series, Savannah had already been a big fan of his work. “High School Musical was the first one I saw,” she says of his long resume of projects. The immense success of the Disney Channel Original Film captivated audiences of all ages, spawned a concert tour, two successful sequels, and ushered in a new trove of musical theater lovers. Savannah happened to be one of them.

“That movie was my first real exposure to musical theater, and it changed my entire life,” she admits. When asked which of Kenny’s iconic projects she would have loved to be a part of, Savannah says, “I’d probably have to pick one of the movies from that franchise to be in. I think I would pick High School Musical 2 or 3 though.” She explains, “The second one was always my favorite but the major dance numbers in the third would be such a blast to be in. I honestly would be happy to be in any of the HSM movies, they’re all so fantastic.”

Luckily, Savannah gets a taste of what that world is like with her current role.

Netflix’s Julie and the Phantoms focuses on teen Julie who, after losing her mother, has lost her love of music. Through a twist of fate, she can see the ghosts of a band from 25 years ago. Together, they navigate this drastic change in their lives while also performing and living their dreams.

Savannah plays Carrie in the show, an ex-friend of Julie’s, the most popular girl in school, and a stellar performer that goes big with each song. Initially introduced as the mean girl, viewers slowly pull back the layers of the character and realize all might not be what it seems for the popstar in the making.

“Sharpay Evans was a major influence,” the actress says of her inspiration when bringing Carrie to life on screen, circling back to her love of High School Musical. “When I first read the sides for Carrie, I saw a lot of similarities between the two. I think they have this seemingly confident exterior but there’s a lot of feelings deep down that they try to keep hidden from everyone. They both just want to follow their dreams and they will do anything to make that happen.”

She also took inspiration from the Mean Girl, Regina George. “She is a lot more hardcore, but when it came to the sassy remarks Carrie makes in the show, they reminded me a lot of Regina,” says Savannah. “Even though those two characters made a big impact on how I played this role, I still wanted to differentiate Carrie from them.”

The care behind making Carrie so uniquely her own character apart from popular antagonists stems all the way back to her audition. It was here that Savannah, in the very Carrie fashion that audiences enjoy on the show now, added her own flare and confidence by going big.

“For my first audition, all I had to do was read a few scenes and sing a short cut of a song. However, that was probably the first time I was really nervous for an audition,” recalls the actress. “I am typically very calm before I go into the room and I’ve always had a mindset of, ‘Go in, do your best, and see what happens.’ This project was so special in more ways than one and I really wanted this part, so I was a nervous wreck,” she confesses. Adding to her nerves was the fact that the audition took place on her birthday. “My immediate thought was that this would be the worst birthday ever if I went in and bombed it.”

Her talent shined and the audition went well. “I found out a couple days later that they wanted to see me for a callback. My callback was in front of the casting team, our producers, the team from Netflix, and of course, Kenny.”

Savannah remembers walking into the room for her callback and reading a few scenes with Madison Reyes who plays the titular role of Julie. “Then I went to sing my audition cut.” She takes a moment to mention of her callback “Keep in mind, they said they didn’t need to see me dance because they had my dance reel and I totally did not dress in dance attire.”

That movie was my first real exposure to musical theater, and it changed my entire life.

Kenny Ortega had different plans and, like the true performer she is, Savannah adjusted to the changes quickly.

“Towards the end of the song, Kenny began clapping a beat and told me to go into a dance break. So, I started dancing. After a few eight counts, Kenny then said while on beat, to sing the chorus of the song again. Once I sang a verse of the song, he ended it by saying, ‘Now strike a pose, take in the applause and give Julie a look.’”

She took that direction and ran with it. “I did [that] and to add a little something extra, I decided to strut out of camera. I thought, ‘Just go for it. What do you have to lose?’ I just remember walking out to sit in the waiting room after that and thinking, what just happened?

After putting so much out there with her audition, getting the news that she got the role of Carrie was overwhelming in the best way possible.

“So many tears!” Savannah laughs as she recalls her reaction to finding out the news. “I was doing phone interviews at home all day promoting a movie I had done that was about to premiere. It had been a few days since my callback, and I knew they were beginning production soon with whoever they cast as Carrie, so I honestly thought I didn’t get it.”

She continues, “I finished my final interview and a couple minutes later, my team called me and started talking to me about my upcoming promotional week schedule that I had. My manager then said, ‘Well all of this press is so great, specially to prepare you for what’s up next.’ And I asked her what she meant and that was when my agent told me I booked it.”

It’s with a laugh that Savannah admits, “It was insane, I honestly didn’t believe them!”

After talking with her family on the phone about the news, her former Knight Squad and now Julie and the Phantoms co-star and friend Owen Patrick Joyner called to share in the celebration. “He told me congrats and we talked for a few minutes, then out of nowhere Kenny came on the phone to tell me congratulations himself. That’s honestly a phone call I’ll never forget.”

Photo Credit: Amanda Elkins

Production on the show started soon after that and Savannah immersed herself in developing Carrie. While there isn’t anything in particular that she does to get herself into character, she does try to frame her mindset and put herself in Carrie’s shoes.

“She’s been the most popular girl at school, she works incredibly hard to always be the best she can be, and wants everyone to think she’s got it all,” she says of her character. “One of the first conversations I had with Kenny was about Carrie’s past and how there’s a lot of hidden pain there. She puts on an appearance that everything is fabulous, but there’s so much more to the story. So, doing every scene with that in mind was the best way I got into character.”

Taking on the role of Carrie is a different venture from her previous projects like Nickelodeon’s Knight Squad and Lifetime’s The Secret Lives of Cheerleaders. “I’ve been very fortunate in my career to have played so many different types of roles,” says Savannah. “A lot of people can get type cast as a certain character and they struggle to break out of that one box so being given the opportunity to play Carrie is something I’m very grateful for.”

It helps as well that Carrie isn’t a flat character and still has so much more to be uncovered. “My favorite thing about Carrie is that she’s not a one-dimensional kind of mean girl. She wasn’t born with hate in her heart, there’s a lot of layers to her and why she is the way she is now. To be able to have all of those little ‘diva’ moments stem from a personal history with Julie was something that I really enjoyed putting on camera.”

There was a lot to enjoy off-camera as well.

Not only was Savannah given the opportunity to work with Kenny Ortega but Julie and the Phantoms also reunited her with her friend and former co-star, Owen Patrick Joyner.

“He’s alright I guess,” Savannah teases with a laugh. “No, it’s honestly the best getting to work with [Owen] again, especially so soon after Knight Squad ended.” She says, “When we wrapped the last episode, I was bummed we weren’t going to be working together anymore. He’s a wonderful co-worker and an even better friend so both of us ending up on Julie and the Phantoms was really exciting.”

When asked if their working relationship has changed at all given the different kind of show Julie and the Phantoms is compared to Knight Squad and the changes in the production process, Savannah doesn’t necessarily believe it has. “I think it’s just grown in a lot of ways,” she explains. “Like you said, the process on Julie and the Phantoms is very different from what we were used to on Knight Squad so it was nice to experience all of that with someone I am really comfortable with.”

It also helps that they got to share the screen in a very unique way with this show. During one of Savannah’s performances as Carrie, Owen’s character Alex can’t help himself and decides to jump onstage and dance with Carrie’s group, Dirty Candy. Given the fact that Alex is a ghost, Carrie can’t see him and therefore is unaware of his hilarious dance moves and many antics happening right on stage besides her.

“Trying to stay in character during that performance was probably one of the most challenging things I filmed as Carrie,” admits the actress. “We actually learned the dance on separate occasions, so we ended up only having one rehearsal together before filming day.”

Savannah says, “Here’s the thing about Owen – he is one of the funniest people you will ever meet and can make you laugh with just a simple look. So, when it came time to film, I didn’t realize just how hard it would be to try and pretend he wasn’t there. I couldn’t fully ignore him because I had to constantly be aware of our spacing so I wouldn’t run into him.” She confesses of the tough time she had keeping her composure, “Anytime he was in my direct eye line, it took everything in me not to start laughing. We had tons of fun that day.”

When she had to do performances like the one for ‘All Eyes on Me’, dancing is second nature for Savannah. “I’ve been dancing my whole life and I’ve always felt comfortable learning choreography at a fast pace. I will say though, it had been a few years since I have danced at that level, so I was a tad nervous going into our first rehearsal. The minute we got started, it felt like riding a bike.” However, it was the other parts of taking on the role of Carrie like the singing and recording process that the actress focused on more. “It was kind of the same feeling when it came to singing, but I was a little more out of practice with that,” she confesses.

“I did musical theater growing up and I was constantly training in vocal lessons, but I stopped when I moved out to LA. Diving back into it so fast, all of those old techniques started coming back,” she recalls. “I only had a couple vocal rehearsals prior to recording so I had to get comfortable with the songs pretty fast. Our vocal coach on the show, Max David, is the main reason I was as comfortable as I was when I first went into the recording studio. He is truly the best coaches I have ever worked with and made me feel confident within myself to record the songs to the best of my ability.”


One aspect that helps put a spotlight on the popstar aspect of Carrie is her outfits. With each one more stylish than the last, it cements Carrie’s place as a growing star, and daughter of an incredibly famous musician, in the world of the show.

“I don’t even know if there’s a perfect word to describe it, but I would say she is chic, colorful, and just overall fabulous,” Savannah says of her character’s style. “You know, she always wants to be her best so always dressing to a T is part of that image she wants to keep up. Every outfit she wears is coordinated so carefully down to the jewelry she wears. Even when she’s chilling at home, her look is still covered in sparkles and diamonds. Her performance looks are all of that but amped up to a hundred. She truly dresses like she is performing at a major award show when it’s just for her school assembly.”

Savannah gushes when asked to choose her favorite Carrie outfit, “I had so much fun in every single outfit so it’s hard to pick just one. Our costumer, Soyon, knocked it out of the park with all of our costumes and made sure each character had a very specific look about them.” However, the actress does remember one outfit she was particularly fond of. “I think one outfit I really loved was the full denim set with the oversized pink fur coat and the sparkly heels.” She reveals, “That was also the first costume I tested in when I first started working on the show, so it has that special memory attached to it.”

Within the show, they are many interesting and unique dynamics at play. Whether it’s between Julie and Sunset Curve, Sunset Curve and Caleb, or Julie and Carrie, each one carries its own emotional weight that drives the story forward.

It’s revealed during the first season of Julie and the Phantoms that Julie and Carrie used to be friends though the reason for their fallout is kept underwraps.

“There could be so many different reasons as to why they fell out. I have my few ideas as to maybe why, but I honestly don’t really know where to start,” Savannah says when asked what she thinks was the cause of it. “If we get a season two and that history is something the writers want to explore, I can promise you they will come up with something better than I ever could,” she continues with a laugh. “It makes me really excited to see why their relationship is strained and to learn that backstory.”

Despite the cracks in their friendship, the end of season one sees Carrie at Julie and the Phantoms’ performance at the Orpheum where, after bowing for the crowd, Carrie stands and slowly claps for her former friend, genuine in the action.

“I think she misses her old friend and she’s really proud of what she has become,” Savannah says of this moment.

“The day we filmed that, I remember our two executive producers Dan [Cross] and Dave [Hoge] talking to me about it. They said, ‘Okay, so in this moment we think Carrie is feeling all the emotions. She is first a little jealous and can’t believe Julie is performing at the Orpheum. Then she is seeing how many people love the performance and she is kind of annoyed. Then we see her begin to soften and see Julie is accomplishing something major. Maybe then she remembers all of their amazing times they used to have, and Carrie begins to really miss her friend. That’s when she stands up, decides to give Julie her well-earned applause, and feels very proud to watch her old friend become the star she was meant to be.’” Savannah remembers how they both then looked at her and wished her luck with a laugh. “It was honestly one of my favorite things to put on camera. That was also my last scene to film as Carrie, so I already had all of these emotions going into it. I’m really happy with how it turned out in the show and how well the fans are reacting to it.”

This leaves fans wondering what this could mean for Julie and Carrie’s friendship in the future. Is there a possibility for them to be friends again? What would happen if Carrie were to find out that the band isn’t full of holograms but in fact ghosts?

“I think it all depends on how Carrie is feeling about Julie now,” explains Savannah. “At the end of the season, it kind of leaves that question of, ‘How will Carrie treat Julie now?’ Does she tone down the diva attitude towards her or does she pretend like nothing ever happened and she is back to who Carrie was prior to the performance at The Orpheum?”

She puts on an appearance that everything is fabulous, but there’s so much more to the story.

Theorizing herself about what Carrie would do if she found out about Julie’s secret, she says, “I could see [Carrie] keeping it a secret for Julie, especially if she is wanting to mend their current relationship. I don’t think she would ever do anything to intentionally ruin Julie’s success so I believe she would keep it to herself.”

However, that leads to the question of how would Carrie finding out the truth about Sunset Curve, and therefore where her father’s songs came from, affect her relationship with her father?

“I hope she does find out at some point,” Savannah begins. “I think she would feel completely betrayed. Growing up as the daughter of an incredibly successful artist, there’s so much pressure on her shoulders to be just as amazing as he is. That pressure doesn’t just come from the world and people in the business – a lot of that comes from her.” She continues, “She just wants to prove herself as a performer and she wants that sense of validation from her dad. Seeing her find out the truth and confronting her dad is a moment I would really like to see happen in the future.”

When asked what advice she would give her character, she says, “I would tell Carrie to keep her drive and passion for what she does but to stop making everything a huge competition. No matter what went down between her and Julie, there is still some kind of love here so she should try and support Julie with all of her recent success.”

Though Carrie’s friendship, or current lack thereof, with Julie was a major focus for the two characters through the season, another relationship that captured audiences’ attention was the failing romantic relationship between Carrie and Nick. With fans anxiously awaiting season two, there are some wishing to see Carrie enter another relationship, whether she gets back together with Nick or starts fresh with a different character like Kayla.

“All the different ships [fans] have come up with are so great!” Savannah says. When asked what she hopes for in Carrie’s romantic future, she laughs as she considers, “Personally, I think Carrie needs to work on herself for a little bit. Once she grows more as a person and softens that cold exterior a bit, that’s when I think she would be ready for a real relationship. Maybe with someone new who’s not afraid to tell her what she needs to hear.” However, she does officially throw her support behind one character. “[Carrie] would benefit from being with someone who’s like that but honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing her and Nick give it another try a little later on. I think Carrie really cares about Nick and he’s the only person she can fully be herself with. So, I think it would be great to see them get back together and be a lot stronger than they were before.”


Carrie and Nick aren’t Savannah’s favorite romantic relationship on the show, though.

“There are so many combinations it’s honestly hard to keep track,” she admits at first when considering both the canon and non-canon couplings. “I know I’m Willex all the way. How can you not be though? A couple of my favorite moments in the series are from their scenes together. Screaming in a museum is now an ideal date so I guess I need to thank Julie and the Phantoms for that,” the actress says. She reveals, “I’m also a definite Juke fan but I can’t lie, Luke and Reggie are a pretty great duo. I don’t know if the official ship name is Ruke or Luggie but either way, I’m here for it.”

Of course for fans that want to see which non-canon relationships become official or how Alex and Willie are doing after their run-ins with Caleb, they are campaigning for a second season of the show. However, they’re not the only ones eagerly awaiting good news.

“As of now, we’re all just really hoping we will be lucky enough to come back for a season two. We had so much fun creating and working on this show, it would be so wonderful to get back to it,” Savannah says. “For Carrie, obviously I’d like to see her and Julie have a story arc that shows more to their history. I think that’s what a lot of the fans have been wanting too.” She adds that she’d love to have more moments between Carrie and Alex.

“Depending on where the story goes throughout the series, I think there could be some fun scenes between them even though Alex isn’t visible to Carrie. Maybe even a possible friendship. Although it would most likely be a one-sided kind of thing,” she says with a laugh. “Honestly, even just having another Dirty Candy performance where he joins us would be fantastic. There are so many ways they could take season two if we are given one so I’m excited to see what they come up with.”

A one-sided friendship between Alex and Carrie would mirror the one happening between Reggie and Julie’s dad in season one which led fans to concoct an incredible theory. In this theory, the phantoms connect to a person if they walk through them, like how Julie walked through Luke during their performance of ‘Bright’ and how Julie’s dad walked through Reggie while in the garage studio. Fans are hoping that since Alex walked through Carrie during ‘All Eyes on Me’, the potential for a friendship between the two has found its foundation.

Savannah notes that she has seen that theory floating around social media and that it’s one of her favorites. “I think it pulls in a special connection between each one of those characters and it would be really cool if we could explore that in series.”

This is only one of many theories going around as they are overflowing between fans. “Let me just say, our fans are so insanely creative,” she gushes. “The different theories they come up with honestly make me think and kind of blow my mind,” laughs Savannah. “I could never come up with half of the ideas they’ve thought of.”

I hope they know just how much we all appreciate and love them for not only supporting the show, but for being so invested in it.

When thinking of who she’d love to share the screen with if the show is given a second season, Savannah knows immediately. “Besides Julie and Alex, I’d love to have more Flynn and Carrie moments. Their sarcastic remarks and constant sassy banter between each other are a blast to film.” One particularly hilarious moment between the two takes place in Carrie’s house where, as a distraction, Flynn tells Carrie and Nick a thrilling tale about a raccoon she saw.

“Especially with someone like Jadah [Marie],” she enthuses about sharing the screen with her. Savannah says of her friend, “She is such a talent and truly embodies who Flynn is. Not to mention off-camera she’s a true ball of energy and never fails to make me laugh. We always had way too much fun in those scenes, so I’d love to create more of those with her.”

Jadah has become a good friend of Savannah’s during filming and is part of some of her favorite memories from the shoot.

“My favorite on-set [memory] would have to be watching the band film ‘Bright’. It was the first time I actually saw them perform and the energy in that room was through the roof,” she says. “Sacha, Jadah, and I were over by the monitors cheering them on. It kind of became tradition for every performance the band had. Whoever was on set, we would find a little area and just jam out like we were at an actual concert,” she recalls.

“A favorite off-set memory was the sleepover Madi, Jadah, and I had. We bought matching pajamas, made brownies, watched a scary movie, and honestly just had the best time! We laughed so much that night, it was just an absolute blast.”

The wonderful environment that was created on-set nurtured the friendships between the cast members, creating a family on-screen and off. It’s clear in how they continually support and hype each other up on social media and interviews, and even through their banter and teasing. When asked to describe each of her co-stars in one word, Savannah happily takes the time to consider and decide which ones are the best fit.

“My favorite word for Madi is ‘Butterfly,’” Savannah begins. “Just from the time period I began working with her, she grew in so many ways and continues to really step into her own. She’s just spreading her wings and taking over the world.” For Charlie Gillespie who plays Luke, she picks ‘passionate’. “He puts his whole heart into everything he does and everyone he meets instantly loves him.” She can’t help but tease, like most of the cast does to Charlie, “Even though his food combinations are very questionable, he’s a true gem of a person.”

Jeremy Shada, Reggie on the show, gets ‘dependable’. “He gives the best advice and is someone I think you could always go to if you ever needed help. Even as a co-worker, you can count on him to be one of the most professional people on set,” Savannah says.

“Owen – I think the best word overall is ‘unreal,’” she continues. “I don’t think there is any limit to what he can do. To be honest, when we first met, I was kind of intimidated by him and how much natural talent he had. Hopefully he doesn’t see this because I will never hear the end of it,” Savannah confesses through laughter.

“Jadah is a ‘powerhouse’. She can do anything you throw at her and makes everything her own. She is unapologetically her wonderful self and I admire her so much for that,” the actress praises. “Finally, Sacha [Carlson – ‘Nick’] is just the very definition of ‘cool’. He’s killer on the guitar, has an insane voice, and can dance with this effortless unique style he puts into it. He’s such a triple threat and the kind of one you strive to be.”

Savannah’s love and admiration for the amazing people that have entered her life because of the show extends beyond the cast and crew. The fans of the show, who have been dubbed Fantoms, have shown their support for the series in overwhelming numbers. Fantoms have shared the impact the show has had on them, from one fan VitorAndThePhantoms on Tumblr mentioning how the show has helped him as he recovered from COVID-19 to another who became inspired to start dancing.

“First of all, let me just say, these are truly the best fans I think any of us could have ever asked for. Seeing their response to a show that had so much [hard work] put into it is such a wonderful feeling. I hope they know just how much we all appreciate and love them for not only supporting the show, but for being so invested in it,” Savannah says of the incredible positive response to Julie and the Phantoms. “We have a cast group chat and all we do is send their edits, memes, artwork, tattoos, literally everything they post,” she says.

“The stories like the ones you mentioned are the ones that really make me smile. To know this show is inspiring people in so many different ways is truly moving, and it makes me even prouder to be a part of Julie and the Phantoms.”

Julie and the Phantoms fans sent in thousands of questions for Savannah, some of the answers to those questions have been included above. Below are a few more questions that YOU sent in and Savannah answered!

TEENPLICITY: What is your favorite book?

SAVANNAH: I had to read Murder On The Orient Express for school my senior year and I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. So, I’d probably say that one, but when I was younger I read The Tale of Despereaux around 5 times I think. That might be my childhood favorite.

TEENPLICITY: If you were trapped on a deserted island with just two other Julie and the Phantoms cast members, who would pick to be trapped with and why?

SAVANNAH: Probably Jeremy and Owen. I’d honestly be happy to have anyone from the cast, but I think that would be the best combo. I feel like Jeremy would be the best in a crisis and would take on the responsible role of trying to get us off the island. Owen would be great to have because he would just keep making jokes to try and make light of what was happening. Although, if Owen starts stressing out then that might not be the best thing to have so I’ll say Madi or Charlie as a backup. They both would bring different strengths to that situation.

TEENPLICITY: If you could choose any musical number from another character on the show for Carrie to perform, which would it be and why?

SAVANNAH: ‘Other Side of Hollywood’. No doubt about it. But you can’t have that song without Cheyenne and his insane vocals, so Carrie can just be one of the dancers haha! That number makes my musical theater heart so happy and the dance looks like tons of fun. Plus, Carrie’s choreography is very current and gives off a major hip hop/Jazz funk kind of vibe so it would be a blast to do something a little more structured with classic musical theater movement.

TEENPLICITY: What is your dream Broadway role? What would be Carrie’s?

SAVANNAH: I have so many but two big ones are Elle Woods in Legally Blonde and Penny Pingleton in Hairspray. Elle is such a fun, energetic role and has been a top dream role ever since I first heard the cast recording. Hairspray is just an overall favorite musical of mine, but Penny is my favorite character in the show. Her quirky personality would be so much fun to portray and to sing those songs live on-stage would be tons of fun. For Carrie, obviously Regina George in Mean Girls the musical. They have a lot in common and I feel like the song “World Burn” is Carrie’s personal anthem.

TEENPLICITY: If you didn’t play Carrie in Julie and the Phantoms, which character would you have liked to play?

SAVANNAH: That’s a tough one. Each character is so unique and has such great spotlight moments in the show. I think it would be really fun to play Flynn. No one can do that role justice like Jadah, but her lines are so funny, and I love all of the sweet moments she has with Julie. It would also be really fun to play Caleb. His songs, his wardrobe, his evil ways, just everything about him. I guess I’m a little biased towards the bad guys in the story.

TEENPLICITY: A lot of fans are calling Carrie the ‘New Sharpay’ and some would even love Ashley Tisdale to make an appearance as Carrie’s mom! Who would you cast as Carrie’s mom if she were to appear in season two?

SAVANNAH: I cannot express how happy it makes me when the fans make that reference. Although, Sharpay is such an iconic character and I don’t think anyone can be “The New” version, it’s still so cool they think of Carrie in that way. If I had a say in who Carrie’s mom would be, I agree with the fans! I would one hundred percent want Ashley Tisdale. I think that would be the best full circle moment for fans of our show who are also fans of the High School Musical franchise. It would also just be really insane to work with her. Especially since Sharpay was my favorite character and like I said earlier, she was a major influence for me when I auditioned. I would completely geek out if that ever happened.

You can catch Savannah in Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix now! Be sure to grab the album on iTunes or listen on Spotify.

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