“Come Along” With Asia Monet Ray

Asia Monet Ray looks back at the creative process of her new single “Come Along”, her favorite part of filming the music video, and discusses her many talents as well as possibilities for the future.

For those in the entertainment industry, strengthening another talent can become an asset to their success. While it may mean honing their natural abilities or starting from scratch, it’s undeniable that Hollywood loves double-, and more so triple, threats.

Triple-threat is only the beginning of the description for Asia Monet Ray. A dancer, singer, and actor, her talents have continued to grow as she’s matured and there is no end in sight to what she may accomplish. Earlier this year, Asia even helped design a clothing line for Target.

I believe everything is possible if you stay focused and work hard.

“The clothing line with Target was a great experience,” she recalls. “I loved creating fashion, seeing my pieces in the stores, and people wearing them.” There’s no definite answer yet on whether she will upgrade her title to “Quadruple-Threat” but she’s not crossing it off the list yet. “It is definitely in my thoughts to do more [fashion design], so we will see!”

While she’s focusing on her talents of dancing, singing, and acting, Asia reflects on the fact she gets asked a lot about which one she prefers most. “Right now, as long as I can do all of them and they make me happy and I continue to grow with them, I will keep pushing through the challenges,” she says. “I believe everything is possible if you stay focused and work hard.”

As she continues to move forward in her music career, the young star is able to exercise all her abilities in her work, especially with music videos. “That’s why I absolutely love filming music videos. It’s one of my happy places.”

Asia Monet Ray

Her latest music video for her single “Come Along” helped showcase this. Not only is she joined by friends to dance throughout the video, but it has a meaning close to her heart. The lyrics speak of not only talking-the-talk but actually walking-the-walk when it comes to wanting to make a change in your community. Asia urges her listeners to “Come along” and make that change. The music video only helps to highlight this and also shows that it doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture. The simple act of helping a stranger carry their groceries after their bag broke can make a difference.

We are stronger together and it takes only one ‘spark’, in my eyes, to make a difference, big or small.

She explains that there is a whole team of people that make suggestions on the treatment of the video, when asked by Teenplicity what the video process was like. “Yes, I always have a vision, but we always work together and agree to disagree until we feel it’s right.”

For this music video in particular, there is so much that Asia loves about it. “It was super fun!” she exclaims. “I love filming music videos, and when I can dance with friends and have my fave, Anthony Burrell, choreograph the video – it’s a pretty awesome time.” Though the day can be long, it was so worth it, according to Asia. “I really love how the video came out and I am so thankful for the people that came out it be a part of it.” Her favorite shots from the music video include her on the roof with the view of the city all around her. “It was pretty amazing up there dancing.”

The actual process for creating the song behind the video came from Asia’s inspiration. “My new single ‘Come Along’ started with thoughts and feelings I wrote down on paper that I wanted to record. Then, I was fortunate enough to meet up for a writing session to co-write with an amazing writer,” she says of Lauren Evans.

“Lauren helped me transform my thoughts and feelings into a song and she knew exactly what message I wanted to spread,” gushes the star.

Speaking also of producer Lance Tolbert, Asia goes on to say, “It was so great working with such a passionate team. Both Lauren and Lance are so amazing! They are extremely passionate at what they do and I was so comfortable working with a team that listened to my thoughts, inspirations, and believed in me.” Of the entire experience, she explains, “They knew I wanted to write a song that meant something and was empowering. I love what we all have created!”

It’s always scary putting out music. I always want to stay true to myself, so it means the world to me that the response is so positive.

Asia sings that if she wants to make a change, she knows it has to start with her. “One spark can become a flame” is a line repeated throughout the song, and also a favorite line of Teenplicity’s.

“‘One spark can become a flame’ is actually mine as well,” reveals Asia. “When I sing that line, I feel that it is #Truth – that it has to start somewhere, with someone that can reach others and not be afraid to reach out and have a voice.”

She expresses, “Sometimes I feel many are afraid to speak out or even make the time to give back when they can. We are stronger together and it takes only one ‘spark’, in my eyes, to make a difference, big or small.”

Asia reveals that as she continues to perform “Come Along”, she loves the track and message so much that it never gets old to her. “It makes me feel like anything is possible, and I want everyone to feel strong and empowered.”

Her supporters, as Asia tries not to use the word ‘fans’ since she is encouraged by them every day to be the best she can be and to keep pushing, have shown her so much love for the song, along with encouraging messages.

“I can’t even explain how great it makes me feel,” she gushes. “It’s always scary putting out music. I always want to stay true to myself, so it means the world to me that the response is so positive.” She expresses that without their support, she wouldn’t be able to share her journey with so many amazing people. “I love how they continue to send me amazing messages and are here just being supportive,” she explains. “I would love to say thank you [to them]. I appreciate them. Remember that everything you dream of is possible.”

Asia is a perfect example of this, as she continues to perform “Come Along” across the nation. “Possibly another song in the works before the year ends!” she teases.

View Asia Monet Ray’s music video for “Come Along” here!

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