TEENPLICITY Radio – November 2022

Making playlists can be as personal and vulnerable as it is exciting. Teenplicity has asked numerous artists to create playlists for people who have read their interviews and they have delivered beautifully. Which is why Teenplicity decided to create our Spotify account to give readers easier access to their favorite artists’ favorite music.

However, we realized it wouldn’t be fair to ask our interviewees to give us this insight into their lives without us giving an insight into ours too. This is why…

Teenplicity launched the start of Teenplicity Radio! Updated monthly, Teenplicity Radio is curated by the Teenplicity Team and features some of our favorite songs from artists that we’ve featured on our website, top 40, and upcoming artists we like. We hope that this playlist not only introduces you to new songs you like but also new artists. Feel free to listen while scrolling the website, while on the go, studying, working, etc.

We’d love to hear your favorite songs, new finds, and reactions to Teenplicity Radio. Feel free to tweet us, send us messages on Tumblr, or write on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you can be the first to see when the playlist is updated!

November Mix

Boogeyman – Ariana Molkara
crutches – Daniel Leggs (Mary’s Pick)
Aang – Pivot Gang (Brie’s Pick)
Too Precious – Em Beihold (Mary’s Pick)
AMERICA HAS A PROBLEM – Beyoncé (Brie’s Pick)
Echo – Saleka
In Dreams – Alternate Version – Sierra Ferrell (Mary’s Pick)
Loose Garment – MUNA (Brie’s Pick)
Black Balloons – Ellise
Breakfast – Dove Cameron (Mary’s Pick)
WHY? – WILLOW (Brie’s Pick)
You Love It – Olivia Penalva
hell yeah – corook (Mary’s Pick)
Play – Synae (Brie’s Pick)
Sanitarium – Fencer
Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – Taylor Swift (Mary’s Pick)
Lonely Refix – Ayra Starr & Ninoleesky (Brie’s Pick)
Fumbled the Bag – Jenna Raine
The Way I Love You – Michal Leah (Mary’s Pick)
Lift Me Up – Rihanna (Brie’s Pick)
Boogie – Adanna Duru
Everything I Know About Love – Laufey (Mary’s Pick)
i’m fine – Fousheé (Brie’s Pick)
This Time Last Year – Laura Marano
Round Hole – Rebecca Brunner, Song House (Mary’s Pick)
It Was a Home – KAINA (Brie’s Pick)
Good Girl Behavior – Natalie Shay
Beach House – Carly Rae Jepsen (Mary’s Pick)
Shirt – SZA (Brie’s Pick)

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