The ‘Magic’ of Aubrey Miller & Her New Single

Star of Amazon’s “Just Add Magic”, Aubrey Miller teases season three, her music, and her relationship with her fans.

To say that Aubrey Miller doesn’t put her whole heart into everything she does is a lie. Evident in her acting and dancing, the multitalented star extends that to her growing music career as well.

Having released one other single in 2016 (‘Dancing with my Girls’), the San Francisco native is stepping back into the music scene with her new single ‘Crossing My Heart’.

With a fun beat and runs that showcase her vocal talent, the song is about the different things that reminder her of a crush and how she yearns for their lives to intersect once again.

“It is an innocent crush story based on experiences that I felt,” says the actress of her new release. “I think it’s a relatable topic of crossing paths with someone that you like but never quite connecting, and just wondering if they feel the same way or if they even know who you are.”

The music video for the song, which was released on Monday, allows Aubrey to demonstrate another one of her passions – dancing.

Moving to the beat since she was young, the starlet expresses that dance has always been a huge part of her life. “Since I was five years old, I’ve been loving dancing and singing so this has always just been a part of me,” she says. “I love being able to incorporate it anywhere that I can.” While she was able to show off her musical prowess in Amazon’s hit show “Just Add Magic”, Aubrey gets to combine her skills of singing, dancing, and acting through the ‘Crossing My Heart’ music video. “This was something that I was passionate about and that I really wanted to do.” She cites her incredible team and amazing choreographer for how it all came together so well. “[They were] able to bring it all to life and I loved every second of it.”

Fans of Aubrey will notice the inclusion of some Korean in her song. A big fan of K-Pop, she expresses, “I have a huge respect for their entertainment industry and have grown vey fond of both their music and TV shows. I just love everything that they produce, and I admire that you can have quality music and pure talent.” She adds that she likes how, with all of this, they are still able to keep it clean, nice, and “share a positive message or profess something sweet and loving in such an incredible way.”

The dance numbers that accompany each K-Pop song really draws her attention as well. “I also really admire the fact that every song has a dance, something that America doesn’t do. Being a dancer, I definitely wanted to include dancing in my music video and wanted to share the sweet side of a song but still have it be fun and catchy and sound like a pop song.”

Her smile is evident as she talks, bringing up the inclusion of some lyrics in Korean, “Of course I had to slip in a line of Korean!” The line is “숨을죽이십시오(sum-eul jug-isibsio)* which Aubrey sings, “Means ‘Take my breath away.’” “I’m learning the language and it was something that I really wanted to do.” The inspiration comes from something that many KPOP groups do in their songs. “In the KPOP world, they will use a line of English so I thought I’d flip it around and use a line of Korean.”

In addition to the fact she is learning Korean and appreciates their entertainment industry, the inclusion of the language in her music is important to her fans, too. The starlet says that she has a big fan base in Korea. “I love being able to connect with my fans as well!”

As for when fans can hear more music, Aubrey is tight-lipped but did dish that more may be coming soon. “Perhaps…” she teases with a grin clear in her voice when asked about it. “The song has a few hints and codes to it that kind of play out a story, so I definitely want to keep that story going. You’ll just have to see how the puzzle plays out!”

I think the way that we told the story will be able to help other people as well.

Currently, she wants to focus on the single that is out now. “Some [other projects] are up in the air at the moment. Right now, the big hype is around my song and around the show. So I’m just excited to see what this year brings!”

The show she is referring to is “Just Add Magic”, an Amazon Prime original based on a series of books of the same name by Cindy Callaghan. The third season releases to Amazon Prime today and her enthusiasm is unparalleled as she dishes on what fans can expect.

“I’m excited for this new season!” she exclaims. “It’s a little bit different than some of the other ones that we’ve released in terms of the mystery behind it. There’s a lot of crazy stuff that happens around town this season and once again, it’s up to the three girls to solve the mystery and challenges behind the cookbook.”

Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth

Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth

One can sense her grin as Aubrey advises, “I recommend that fans take this season a little slow, just to fully enjoy every bit of what we have to give.”

She goes on to reveal further what the trailers already promised – the return of Chuck! “He actually comes and helps rescue the girls in one moment which is a little teaser,” she says with a small laugh.

With season two finding the girls deciding to pay a big price in order for the destroyed spice garden to come back to life, the discovery of the consequences was left as a cliffhanger for audiences. “There’s definitely a downside,” Aubrey promises. “It may not seem as bad as expected at first but as the show goes on, you learn more about the price you have to pay.”

There is going to be a lot happening in her character Hannah’s life as well.

“Hannah faces some challenges in this new season,” the actress divulges. “I think that there’s some important messages to be shared from her story,” she continues, citing what is being expressed this season in particular. “It was kind of hard to film some of the stuff because I was really feeling for my character that I’ve created for the last five years,” Aubrey says, the love she puts into sculpting Hannah throughout the seasons filling her voice. “I think the way that we told the story will be able to help other people as well.”

Fans will be able to go on this journey with Hannah throughout season three and, in addition, get a glimpse into what she may be like in the future.

With the trailer teasing what seems to be time travel, Hannah, Kelly and Darby not only meet with a younger Grandma Quinn but also meet older versions of themselves.

It may not seem as bad as expected at first but as the show goes on, you learn more about the price you have to pay.

“We have a new recipe – which is actually one of my favorites, I thought it was a great spell! It’s called ‘A Guac Through Time’. Which is so great; our writers come up with the best names.” Aubrey’s giggles fill the air as she brings up the recipe that creates this time travel situation. “This season we got to play with the concept of time travel. In the previous season, we got our younger selves and have the flashback of the time when the trio first met. But in this season, we do get older versions of ourselves and it’s cool to see, you know, a hint of how their journey has continued many years from now.” The girls will also get to see the OCs and grandma in a new light, placing it in their adulthood while they were still in the magical world. “Which is really cool,” she adds.

Having the same characters at different stages of their lives on set at the same time had been a very exciting experience for Aubrey as well. “Both of the actors who play Hannah – both older and younger – did their research and watched the seasons to really get a grasp of the character,” she says, praising the other actresses. “When we were on-set, they were asking me questions about different traits about [Hannah] and how I play her. I think we all worked cohesively to create the past, present, and future Hannah.” She can’t help but repeat how cool that was for her.

Of course, with a lot of magic comes a lot of responsibility – and quite a few enemies. The girls have been able to foil evil plots and helped people like Chuck come back to the good side. The second half of season two brought forth, arguably, one of the most complex antagonists in the form of Jill. A protector of the cookbook between the time of the OCs and Hannah, Kelly and Darby, she wished to expel magic so it wouldn’t cause any more pain or trouble. Aubrey, when thinking of all the foes that the trio has faced, has a soft spot for Mama P.

Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth

Photo Credit: Ricky Middlesworth

“I think the one that they’re going to face this season won’t be very expected which I think is very suspenseful and fun for the new season!” she expresses, before thinking of Mama P who cannot be labeled ‘good’ or ‘bad’ because of her tricky ways. “I love Mama P to death, and I think she has a really fun story arc. I loved the challenges and the stuff that they’ve had to face with her – I think [these have] all been really fun, [as well as] showing that constant battle between ‘Is she good?’ ‘Is she bad?’” She grins as she continues, “I think as the show goes on, you start to see a good side of her but she still has that, you know, evil hint to her. I think she is a reoccurring antagonist that is just so fun and she’s hysterical! She is a great character.”

Mama P, being the chaotic neutral type figure that she is, has spurred many theories with Teenplicity concerning different events of the previous seasons. With her at the forefront of them once again, Teenplicity couldn’t help but ask Aubrey if she’s heard of any fan theories for season three.

“I’ve heard a few!” she says. “You know, the fans are pretty good at dissecting the codes! There’s been some theories that have been pretty… spot on. But there’s always different curveballs that I think fans will just not expect.” As to whether or not any theories for this season have figured it all out, she answers with a sly grin, “A couple had some good theories about the consequences and the prices that had to be paid…”

Fans will just have to watch to find out if their theory is correct. While they’re watching, they can also keep a lookout for another recipe that Aubrey really enjoyed.

Claiming ‘A Guac Through Time’ as one of her favorites, the actress takes a moment to recall the others used in season three. “We filmed the show a bit ago so I’m trying to think of the recipes that we used,” she admits with a laugh. “What other recipes were used? I need a refresher!”

Taking the moment to let her laughter dissipate and discuss ‘A Guac Through Time’, she explains its high placement on her favorites list. “[There are] different parts of the story that we get to show from it.” As for that other spell fans should look out for? “We have a new spell that helps us in the first episode or so in paying the first part of the initial downside which is pretty cool!” Thinking of the treat – made vegan for her – she exclaims with a laugh, “And it tasted amazing!”

Summing up the season in just three words, Aubrey says, “Unexpected, of course magical, and a journey!”

With her fans sure to enjoy the third season of “Just Add Magic”, she can’t help but rave about them and had a special message for them.

“Thank you to all my fans for all their love and support, it really does mean the word to me. I feel so blessed to have such a sweet and wonderful and encouraging fan base around me, it really means the world. 고맙습니다 (gomabseubnida – Thank you)*!

“Just Add Magic” season three is available for streaming on Amazon Prime now!

You can get Aubrey’s new single “Crossing My Heart” here, listen to it on Spotify, and watch the video on YouTube!

For all things Aubrey Miller, be sure to follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and subscribe on YouTube!


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