Kate Godfrey on Comedy, ‘Warped!’, and So Much More!

To celebrate the premiere of Nickelodeon’s brand new show Warped!, TEENPLICITY spoke with the cast to get to know their characters, what audiences can expect from the series, and so much more! Check out what Kate Godfrey has to say about her character Ruby below!

It’s evident in the way she commands the screen that Kate Godfrey is a rising star.

The actress excels at comedy. Already racking up credits on her resume that include starring in the revival of All That and appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, her comedic timing is spot on and the ease with which it flows from her is surely enviable.

“I would love to be a cast member of [Saturday Night Live] at some point in my life. It is a lot of work, but All That made me realize how much I love sketch comedy,” Kate says when discussing her future in the genre. All That alum Kenan Thompson currently stars on the late-night sketch comedy show, holding the record for the longest-tenured cast member on the series for over 18 years so far. While it’s possible for her to follow in his footsteps, she is keeping her options open. “I would also love to do some comedy movies – everybody loves a good comedy movie.”

While Kate shares that she loves any form of comedy, she does have one particular area of interest. “My favorite comedy to perform is probably situational comedy. I like the idea of a funny sitcom or when things are funny just because of the environment.”

It comes as no surprise that Kate signed onto Nickelodeon’s latest series, Warped!.

Episode 101, “Pilot”, Pictured – Ruby (Kate Godfrey), Milo (Anton Starkman), Darby (Ariana Molkara), Hurley (Christopher Martinez) and Owen (Jason Rogel) with Sidney (Kelly Vrooman) and Percy (James III) in WARPED! on NICKELODEON. Photo: Bill Inoshita/Nickelodeon, ©2020 VIACOM INTERNATIONAL, INC., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Created by Kevin Kopelow and Heath Seifert, producers of All That and creators of Disney’s Austin & Ally and Nickelodeon’s Cousins for Life, Warped! follows lovable geek Milo [Anton Starkman] who works at the local comic book shop, Warped!. He finds his world turned inside out when his boss hires a new employee, the eccentric and excitable Ruby [Godfrey]. Soon enough, the two learn to work together as they create their own graphic novel.

“Ruby is a spaz ball. She is always coming up with ideas that will get the gang into trouble,” Kate says of her character. “I love playing Ruby because I could literally make any funny choice and it would be considered ‘in character.’”

Ruby makes quick friends with Darby [Ariana Molkara] once she is hired, instantly bonding over their excitement for a character from the show’s fictional alien franchise. “Ruby fits in perfectly with Milo’s friends because they are all unapologetically themselves,” she says of Ruby’s friendships with Darby and Hurley [Christopher Martinez]. “They all share the same love for comic books, which bonds them very quickly. Even though she is absolutely nuts, they really take her under their wing.”

It does, however, take time for Ruby and Milo to find their footing.

“Ruby and Milo start as extremely competitive, but they grow to appreciate each other and work together. They are completely different people, which makes their relationship very interesting to watch. Ruby makes a lot of silly and illogical mistakes, and Milo has to find a logical way to solve them.”

Ruby’s employment at Warped! initially worries Milo about his own job security but they are able to overcome it. Like Milo, Ruby is a whiz at all things comics, possibly the only one who can match Milo’s knowledge.

“I honestly know nothing about comics compared to Ruby,” Kate admits. She does say that she has tried to educate herself on comics because of the show. A hobby that holds her interest in a similar way that comics do for Ruby is painting. “I love painting. My friend Quinn recently got me into it. I have been trying to learn the tips and tricks of oil paint – it’s pretty fun!” The actress shares that it is a new hobby, but it is one that she thoroughly enjoys. “I have ruined sooooo many sweatshirts and furniture with oil paint.” She adds, “Oops.”

Another passion Kate has is writing. When asked if that is something she’d love to bring to her character, the actress says, “One of the things that makes Milo and Ruby such a great team is that Milo is really good at writing and Ruby is really good at drawing. Together they make a graphic novel that they are trying to get published. However, I would love to see Ruby learn some tips and tricks about writing from Milo.” She continues, “I love writing stories so I bet Ruby would too.”

With the show having only just premiered, there is plenty in store to keep viewers’ attention as the season progresses. For Kate, she’s most excited for the audience to see all the fun characters that Ruby plays. “She is always in disguises and acting as random people. They are very similar to the characters I played on All That. I love playing weirdos so I am lucky that Ruby does too.”

Her favorite Ruby disguise in the series comes in a later episode where Kate gets to portray Ruby as a teenaged boy. “I absolutely love playing a boy because it is the furthest thing away from the actual me,” she says. “It is so fun to do little mannerisms and drop my voice.”

Discussing a dream guest star for the show also gives Kate the idea for the role they could play, relating it back to her favorite disguise.

“I would have Kate McKinnon guest star on the show and I would make her character be my boy character’s dad. We could both play boys together. That would be fun.”

Considering the fact that the show revolves around the ongoings of the group at their local comic store, TEENPLICITY couldn’t help but dive more into Kate’s knowledge and preferences of comics.

Though she says she isn’t as well-versed in comic books as her character, she recalls her favorite comic book growing up to be a tie between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. “I think it would be funny to have Captain Underpants on the show, but a little weird,” she says.

What if she could be any comic book character? The answer is easy for the rising star as she chooses Spider-Man. “I love all the Spider-Man movies and I think his powers are really cool. Being able to swing from building to building would be very helpful getting to work everyday.”

Her answer is almost expected then when discussing her favorite comic book movie. “My favorite superhero movie is either the new Spider-Man movie or any of the Iron Man movies. I think the Iron Man movies are the best Marvel movies; they are pretty funny.”

Warped! premieres new episodes on Nickelodeon every Thursday at 7:30pm/6:30pm C!

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