Things We’re Excited for in 2019 Part II

Well, it’s safe to say that 2018 has been a year. Truly. There’s been 4 seasons. 365 days. 12 months. One could even say 525,600 minutes have gone by (figuratively speaking of course, because of the way these posts are scheduled to come out.) But how exactly do you measure a year? In television? In movies? In music, books, and Broadway? If so, you came to the right place. Here’s our non-definitive list of things we’re excited for coming out in 2019.

Note: These lists are ordered by scheduled release date given at the time of the post being made and are not completed lists (for in case we get some Beyoncé drops from someone, who knows…) Some dates may be subject to change.

You can view part I of our list featuring movies and television coming out in 2019 here.


DvnI0SVUYAA-OHTLaura Marano

After splitting from her record label to create her own, Laura is starting her new year off by dropping her second single as an independent artist. “Let Me Cry” comes out January 11th.

“Please refer to my 2016 and 2017 postings… JUST KIDDING. ANYWAY, LAURA JUST ANNOUNCED HER NEW SINGLE WHICH MEANS NEW MUSIC IN 2019 AND THAT WE ARE DEFINITELY, MOST CERTAINLY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, GOING TO BE GETTING HER FIRST ALBUM THIS YEAR TOO. For once I won’t be a liar. :’) Okay but honestly, this has been almost seven years of build up for me and I’m excited! I’ve already ranted and raved about Laura and her new sound on a Monday Musings post but the statement still stands that she has a lot of potential and a lot to offer. Especially as someone who felt constricted under corporate labels, I’m excited to see what this new musical freedom will entail in regards to the rest of her new music. Literally so proud and I can’t wait.” – Mary

sara bareillesSara Bareilles

Earlier this year, Sara Bareilles announced that she was working on releasing her next body of work in 2019. Fresh from her work on Waitress, she’s given her voice to Battle of the Sexes, The Greatest Showman Reimagined, a Hamildrop and more. And just recently, she dropped her first single from the new era, “Armor.”

“2018 became the year of me remembering how much I adore Sara Bareilles and as life would have it, she announced that she’d be releasing more original music in the new year. She already dropped the single ‘Armor’ which for the sake of my ego and self-esteem, makes me feel like she’s telling me personally that she is inspired by me (among other women). Here’s to Sara Bareilles finally getting started on the EGOT that she should already be three-fourths away from having.” – Brie

“I met her once outside of Waitress while she was doing promo the first year and I nearly cried because she’s so nice and she’s so talented and wow. Also I want her and Josh Groban to host the Tony Awards every single year. Make them the Broadway version of Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. On a more serious note, she is just so incredibly talented and I love her voice so much. ‘Armor’ is such a great song and, with many new experiences under her belt, I can’t wait to see how that might affect or influence her songwriting and style as she continues to work on and release new music.” – Mary

gettyimages-993797318_smaller_0Missy Elliott

Nominated for the 2019 Songwriters Hall of Fame, Missy Elliott has hinted on social media her plans to release new music in 2019 that is guaranteed to get us dancing again.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought lately and Missy Elliott just might be my all-time favorite rapper. The industry seems hesitant to give her all the flowers she deserves, so I will single-handedly do it myself. Here’s where I remind you that MTV has the actual audacity to have a Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award that she has never received which leaves me to believe MTV must not know who Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott is. It’s the only logical explanation. Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott has made consistently dope and innovative music videos. Her songs have always went hard, I’d argue that ‘Lose Control’ is one of if not the best hype song ever (and that’s not even HER best song so like???) Getting new Missy music is exciting. It’s like a breath of fresh air. If you’ve been keeping up with my Teenplicity Radio picks, you can probably tell that I tend to listen to a lot of vibey music, but I also love upbeat things. The joy of Missy Elliott is that she manages to combine both usually and it’s always in a way that is meant to be uplifting and fun and just about you minding your business and doing you. Which is A Word.” – Brie

ariana grandeAriana Grande

After the release of Sweetener and a whirlwind year of being thrust into the spotlight with her personal life on display, Ariana Grande has found herself back in the recording studio working on her next body of work. She’s already released the pop culture phenomena ‘thank u, next’ and just recently, ‘imagine.’

“Last year when I was working on our music in 2018 section, I mentioned how Ariana was one of my favorite voices in pop music today and that I was amazed how far she had come music-wise since first starting out. This is still true. Her growth is just amazing and she deserves everything good. I also hope she’s healing and being cared for because I have no idea how someone, especially a public figure, could go through as much as she has, publicly, and instead approach all of this with honesty and gratefulness instead of being tired and frustrated constantly. But I’m also just not on her level of growth yet. I will get there, Ari!” – Brie

“On last year’s post, I couldn’t stop complimenting Ariana for her talent. I still believe she’s one of the greatest singers in music today. Last year, I was also curious to see how her tumultuous year would affect her new music. Unfortunately for Ariana, this year, though starting on a high note, has had a different outcome in her personal life. Still, she is currently at a career peak, baring her soul, her heart, and her thoughts through songs like ‘thank u, next’ and ‘imagine’. These new songs are exploring her relationships that, although they failed, were still necessary and were things she was able to grow from and appreciate later in time. She is so talented and I love the direction that her music is going in and I can’t wait to see more. I hope for the best for her in the new year! P.S.: Would not be opposed to her going back to Broadway, just saying. Please. One day.” – Mary


While there is no confirmed word that Rihanna is releasing a new musical project in 2019, we’re putting this here just in case. 

“Do we know for sure that Rihanna is releasing something regarding music this year? Not that I know of. But I’m holding onto hope. I totally get that she’s busy right now being a badass businesswoman with her makeup line and lingerie line and Puma shoes, I think, and reminding men that she is unattainable and owes them (all of us actually) nothing. That said, the Grammy-snubbed ANTI is about 2-3 years old and while it still holds up, is amazing, deserves more love than it gets, and I understand that being an artist it takes time to make things and feel inspired, I also just really would love a new Rihanna album for my wellbeing. By all means, Rihanna, take your time and do you because this is your world and we’re all just living in it, just let me know when I can expect something.” – Brie

“Throwback to when Rihanna replied to a fan on Instagram who was worried she forgot about her music career by saying, ‘HOW D; ! Y’all would never let me Lolol’. Because honestly, what a mood. I relate so much to that fan. ANYWAY she did also reply to another that new music is coming! The timeline for that is… uncertain at best but hey, she’s working on it. It’s Rihanna’s world and we’re just living in it (and probably purchasing her products). But please, take our breaths away with your next album real soon? Thanks.” – Mary


Same description goes for Beyoncé because we know this game.

“There hasn’t been any word at all on if she’s actually dropping something in 2019. But as the great proverb goes, ‘If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.’ And we all know good and well that with Beyoncé, one must always stay ready. I know she just finished her tour with Jay-Z and giving us the best movie of 2018/best performance of all time when she did Beychella but I also know she’s been working; recently we saw pictures of her with braids and also pictures of her with her children. Which means she’s living her life and relaxing…but also that she’s probably plotting something. Even if it’s just her singing on The Lion King soundtrack, something Beyoncé this way comes.” – Brie

“I don’t know what she’s going to do – if she’s going to do anything – but I want to prepare myself as much as possible. I’m ready.” – Mary

126570-party-for-one-1Carly Rae Jepsen

With the release of ‘Party for One’ in November, Carly Rae Jepsen promises a new album in 2019, four years after the release of her last album E*MO*TION.

“Dear world, please stop sleeping on her. An underrated pop music QUEEN, we seriously let her slip under the cracks after ‘Call Me Maybe’. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Her new single is a great way to start off her new era as it is all about self-love. Also, it is a catchy tune, upbeat, and makes me just want to sing along. The music video includes people of different ages, genders, races, and lifestyles all thinking about putting themselves first. Honestly, the older woman in the video? Iconic. I aspire to be her. Carly Rae Jepsen, I’m ready for you to thrive in 2019!” – Mary


Gaby Dunn Taking Over the Book World aka Bad With Money (January 1st), Please Send Help with Allison Raskin (July 16th), and Bury the Lede with Claire Roe (October)

bad-with-money-9781501176333_lgBad With Money expands on writer-comedian Gaby Dunn’s podcast of the same name where she explores the many ways that finances can make people (especially those who don’t have as many resources) feel lost, confused, and self-doubting while looking for solutions and answers. Please Send Help is the sequel to Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn’s debut duo YA, I Hate Everyone But You where Ava and Gen find themselves continuing to figure out adulthood together while being separated. Bury the Lede is a graphic novel about 21-year-old Madison T. Jackson who gets a night internship at The Boston Lede and jumps at the chance to put her investigative journalism skills to the test when a prominent Boston businessman is murdered.  

“It still blows my mind how I can say that I’ve interviewed Gaby Dunn and Allison Raskin for Teenplicity. I’m also forever thankful for them being generous enough to help me see their show when they came to Chicago because I had to pay for my textbooks that semester. (On the off chance that either one of them reads this please note that I will repay you two back/pay it forward somehow.) 81x2tegxXULAnyway, I’m excited about these releases as both a writer and someone who has followed their careers since Buzzfeed. Whenever people find out I’m a writer, they always ask me ‘So what do you write?’ I usually answer ‘Everything’ as a short answer and ‘It depends on what the idea I have calls for’ as a better answer. I’ll spare you the rambling one that I give when I’m caught off guard or superstitious about sharing something I’m working on. To have three vastly different books releasing in one year (and I imagine this isn’t all she’s worked on that may or may not release in the New Year) is the coolest thing to me. I can’t wait to read each one and get my fix of self-help, two trainwrecks attempting to get their lives in order, and Nancy Drew stepping into a Martin Scorsese movie that’s actually inclusive and lets women be complex. Like wow, the triality of a person.” – Brie

Ironheart written by Eve Ewing (Ironheart #2 coming out January 12th)

ironh2018001_dc11-1534785057-634x975Writer/scholar/cultural organizer/sociologist Eve Ewing pens the newest adaptation of one of Marvel’s newest characters: Riri Williams aka Ironheart. In this edition, Riri is a brilliant, yet awkward 15-year-old girl from the south side of Chicago who is coping with the loss of two of her loved ones while also fighting for justice. Issue one released November 7th.

“Even though this comic book premiered this year and not next year, this is going on the list because I want everyone to know how solid and consistent my brand is. This, this is my brand: a black girl on the south side of Chicago getting to do dope things while also being awkward and nerdy. And Eve Ewing writing it makes it all the more exciting and wonderful. I’m geeked. I have the first issue thanks to my brother getting it for me for Christmas (I have yet to read it–it’s going to be the first thing I read in 2019) and I’m just so ridiculously excited to follow this story. Also, petition for Ironheart merch and for Chicago to do something to honor Riri Williams and this comic series just because it’s what Eve, Riri, and everyone on the south side of Chicago deserves. I mean, if suburban kids that didn’t even know Chicago goes past Cermak on the Red Line can get Ferris Bueller, why can’t we get Riri Williams?” – Brie

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas (February 5th)

y648The second novel from Angie Thomas brings readers back to Garden Heights, this time focusing on an aspiring young rapper named Bri and “what happens when you get everything you thought you wanted.”

“When the plot for On the Come Up was announced, I was so excited that Angie Thomas was expanding Garden Heights. I think it’s a very clever way of world building but of also giving two different perspectives of this neighborhood that we already got a glimpse of in The Hate U Give. I also think that On the Come Up has a premise that fits Angie Thomas so well. The idea of this book focusing on an aspiring young rapper and that young rapper being a girl can open the room for a lot of perspectives, conflicts, and messages. Also, I just want to point out that the main characters name is Bri and I just think that’s really cool.” – Brie (blurb slightly modified from last year’s post)

I Wanna Be Where You Are by Kristina Forest (June 4th)

Kristina Forest’s debut novel I Wanna Be Where You Are is an enemies to lovers young adult road trip story about Chloe Pierce, a determined ballerina who embarks on a secret trip to audition for the dance conservatory of her dreams against her mom’s wishes–even if that means letting her neighbor Eli tag along.

“Hey, hi, do you have any idea what my favorite rom-com trope is? Enemies to lovers. Do you also have any idea how much I love enemies to lovers tropes that also involve the two having to go on some kind of journey together? A lot. Do you know how ready I am to read this book and hopefully see it become a classic teen movie? Very. This book got on my radar actually because of the author following me on Twitter and since checking out Kristina’s page and reading about the book, I can’t believe we–as a society–didn’t have this story sooner. And for this romcom story to be about two black teens??? My heart flutters at the thought. A dream of mine is to make as many cute romcoms (in any medium) as possible where the characters are black. Mainly because stories like Clueless and any other ‘thank u, next’ fitting coming of age with a romance has always been my go-to pick me up. So to see stories like these being made and published gives me so much hope and motivation and excitement.” – Brie

Honorable Mentions

  • With the Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo
  • If It Makes You Happy – Claire Kann
  • The Downstairs Girl – Stacey Lee
  • Wilder Girls – Rory Power


Who Takes Over in Anastasia

With Cody Simpson at the helm of Dmitry until mid-February, there has yet to be an announcement for who will take on the role following the completion of his run.

“Okay, so hear this one out because the idea is awesome. Brie came up with the idea of casting a girl in the role of Dmitry. Not only would this turn Anastasia into a musical that features a prominent romantic relationship between two women that also has a happy ending. It would also provide some comedic elements and changes that could be brought up like, as Brie had expressed, reasons for why Dmitry doesn’t just pretend to be Anastasia. In this ideal world, I would totally cast Hailey Kilgore in the role. Not only would she be perfect to take up the role of Anastasia whenever Christy Altomare (sadly) decides to move on – seriously, go listen to her belt out some of the musical’s most iconic songs and you will be blown away – but if she was given the opportunity to take on the role of Dmitry opposite of Christy, she would rock it. The two have a great friendship as showcased a couple of times from when they’ve been able to do events together and that chemistry would undoubtedly be transferred on stage as well. Honestly, Hailey Kilgore is a star so give her this. As a last note – this musical does take liberty already with historical accuracies so go big or go home and just do this next, thanks.” – Mary


share-TWA more in-depth, musical take on the original film of the same name which follows a recently deceased couple as they attempt to scare a family out of their home with the help of a demon named Beetlejuice. (Opens April 25th)

“Opening to mixed reviews during its recent run in D.C., this Broadway-bound musical brings the 1988 cult classic to the stage. The musical host multiple original songs as well as an original score, while also including the iconic musical moments from the original film of “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)” and “Jump in the Line (Shake, Señora)”. I’m looking forward to how audiences will react to this musical once it hits the Broadway stage. It expands the parts of both the titular character Beetlejuice/Betelgeuse and young teen Lydia Deetz. While critics are divided on these changes, it remains to be seen if this musical with haunt its audience in the best way possible.” – Mary

Jagged Little Pill

JLPmusical-e1526585917429Inspired by Alanis Morrisette’s influential 1995 studio album Jagged Little Pill, the stage musical of the same name made its world debut at the American Repertory Theater in May of 2018. Similar to the album, the musical explores the themes of pain, healing, and empowerment through a suburban family–the Healy’s. In addition, the show also deals with being black and adopted into an all-white family, sexuality and gender identity, sexual assault, and addiction.

“Me putting Jagged Little Pill on this list is me hoping that it finally solidifies this musical going to Broadway or at the very least coming to Chicago so I can see it. Jagged Little Pill is one of the best rock albums in my opinion. It has one of the most relatable lyrics just about any young adult will ever hear in their life which is, ‘I’m young and I’m underpaid / I’m tired but I’m working, yeah.’ (A lot of new adulthood is just the lyrics to ‘Hand in My Pocket’ just FYI.) It’s also incredibly cinematic. It’s a story. Essentially, it’s Alanis’ story but what’s so cool about what’s being done with this musical is that Alanis and the rest of the creative team took the songs and are making it into something entirely it’s own with the intention of making something relevant and powerful. They’ve been showing pictures of the cast and creative team back workshopping the show and maybe recording the cast album? Potentially? And I’ll take all the false hope I can get until the show finally reaches Broadway.” – Brie

Honorable Mentions

  • 13 Going on 30 (possibly)
  • Magic Mike (possibly)
  • Be More Chill
Bob Morley directing on “The 100”!!! (Coming mid-2019)

“I won’t go into my feelings regarding…… whatever you want to call season five. As much as I do adore the incredible talents of Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Lola Flanery, Richard Harmon, and Eliza Taylor, the storylines presented last season have me less than thrilled to tune in for season six. With that said, I am still super excited to see what Bob Morley’s inaugural turn in the director’s chair is like. Considered to be one of my favorite actors to watch and an underrated talent, Bob Morley is able to bring so much to the screen with all he does. The subtleties in his acting are what can really change the feeling of a scene and he constantly leaves me in awe of his abilities. Having him turn the tables and directing his costars will be interesting for sure and I am very intrigued to see what the outcome is. Bob Morley continuing to do what he loves and absolutely thriving? Sign me up.” – Mary


Rolling out in late 2019, Disney’s streaming service Disney+ will be a host of movies, shows, and original content from the company and its subsidiaries.

“My big interest in this platform is if it will be worth it. The reasons why companies like Netflix and Hulu are such a success is because of their wide variety of content that is frequently updated. There have been other streaming services that I’ve tried which are hosted straight through a specific network and have been disappointing. The content is limited and not updated frequently enough. To be honest, they felt like a glorified service of what my cable offers on their “Free On Demand”. So the question remains: What will be offered on this new service? Disney has a large library of content between its many companies, so it won’t be like they’re stretching themselves thin in search of content, in addition to the original shows they’re creating for the service specifically. However, what will be presented at the start, how much is being offered, and how often will it be cycled out? The answers to these questions will most likely be the make-or-break for it. We shall see…” – Mary


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