Things We’re Excited for in 2022 – Part I

As yet another year comes to an end, it’s safe to say this time that no one is sorry to see 2021 go. With sights set on the new year and hopes high for what will be, there is a great amount of entertainment releasing over the course of 2022. To celebrate all of the incredible art coming out this year, here is the annual Teenplicity Team “Things We’re Excited for in the New Year” list filled with music, books, video games, television, movies, and more expected to drop in 2022.

Note: These lists are ordered by scheduled release date given at the time of the post being made and are not completed lists (for in case we get some Beyoncé drops from someone, who knows…). Some dates may be subject to change.

2022 in Television

Grand Crew, Season 1 (NBC)

A group of Black friends unpack the ups and downs of life and love at a wine bar. Grand Crew is set to have its official premiere on NBC January 4th.

“I never got around to writing that Monday Musings about Brooklyn Nine Nine which is a shame especially after that final season, but I am excited about this new show from one of my favorite writers on the show, Phil Augusta Jackson, and Dan Goor. NBC already premiered two episodes of the show as a preview and already I love this group of friends. The show is hilarious while also having some very sweet moments. Echo Kellum as Noah especially immediately became my favorite, he’s just a sweet hopeless romantic looking for his rom com. (Also because it’s required of me as a Chicagoan, shoutout to Chicago talent out here being booked and busy!!!!) If you’re looking for a sitcom about a group of friends, I highly recommend and if you enjoy the humor of shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine, Insecure, and/or Key and Peele—all of which Jackson has written for—I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” – Brie

The Expanse, Season 6 (Amazon Prime)

The sixth and final season brings Marco’s battle of the Free Navy of the Belt against the Inners to a head, with dynamics exploding and tearing themselves apart while others come to a new understanding. The final two episodes premiere on Amazon Prime January 7th and January 14th at 12:00AM GMT.

“I am not shy when it comes to proclaiming The Expanse to be one of the best shows ever created. It truly does not get the recognition or praise that it deserves, which is an absolute shame. After an incredible fifth season, it’s a dishonor its sendoff consists of only six episodes. Nevertheless, the writers are using this time to truly remind everyone why it is the best show in television. Tensions are high with each episode, and I feel like a rubber band being pulled to its limits before slowly getting released. Everything that these characters have been involved with and fought for or against for the past five seasons all come to a head this year and with only two episodes left, I’m excited to see where the plot goes, how things get resolved, and the way some dynamics come to a conclusion. Its ending is bittersweet and as much as I am excited to see it all unravel, I’m sad to see it go. Thank you for all the great years of storytelling!” – Mary

Abbott Elementary, Season 1 (ABC)

A group of dedicated teachers have the odds stacked against them as they work in a Philadelphia public school in this mockumentary series. Episodes continue to air on ABC January 4th.

“The pilot of this show premiered earlier in December and just as suspected, it was a delight. By far one of the most solid sitcom pilots I’ve ever watched. And I LOVE that for Quinta!!!! Anyone who knows me knows I’ve been following/been a fan of Quinta for what almost feels like forever at this point. I was a high schooler watching her videos and vines and every little bit of standup that I could find. I’m talking the Quinta B days baby!!! Don’t ever doubt my loyalty. Abbott Elementary is like a love letter to all the teachers out there who are trying their best despite navigating an educational system and funding that quite literally doesn’t value that the way it should. All of the characters are fully formed and hilarious in their own ways and Quinta’s optimism as Janine is a refreshing joy. For those who miss The Office or Parks and Rec, Abbott Elementary is shot like a mockumentary and Janelle James as Principal Ava is so hilariously chaotic that I argue her comedy Emmy campaign should start immediately.” – Brie

Euphoria, Season 2 (HBO)

A group of high school students navigate love, friendships, and life in a world of drugs, sex, trauma, and social media. The second season of the hit HBO series is set to premiere on the network January 9th.

“I’ve talked about Euphoria like every year since it’s preview first dropped. You’d think hella seasons had already dropped but literally season 2 premieres in a couple days. (My birthday to be exact!!!! Not that that’s important…) After the underwhelming release that was Malcolm & Marie (I’m sorry…it has to be said, it wasn’t a good movie), I’m curious to see what Sam Levinson has in store after a wildly successful first season and two specials. (The Jules one especially blew me away.) A lot of the critiques against the show are valid especially because while there are young people who are dealing with addiction and who are sexually active and other subject matter the show portrays, the show toes the line between who it seems to be written for. It’s technically a coming of age, except that the audience it’s feels most accessible for are for people older than the characters and are played by people older than the characters. And let’s not forget the season 1 discourse that was just parents who were obsessively watching the show and going “Oh it’s so good but I would never let my child watch it or do the things these characters do!!!” as opposed to idk watching the show and seeing how they could be a safe space for their child if their child ended up in any of these characters situations. Anyway, I’m still excited for the new season, still rooting for Rue and Jules when they’re in a healthy enough state to truly be together and still rooting for all of these characters to be okay. (Except Nate, I’m sorry, screw Nate and his dad. They can choke.)” – Brie

Pivoting, Season 1 (FOX)

After the death of their friend, three childhood friends decide that they need to change the way they approach their lives. Pivoting is set to premiere on FOX January 9th.

“I’m not even going to lie – there is one reason and one reason only that this is on my list: Ginnifer Goodwin. I absolutely adore her as an actress and, especially given my resurging love for Once Upon a Time, have missed seeing her on my television screen. The woman is an absolute gem (and have you SEEN her in Why Women Kill? Amazing. She spoke with Whitney Cummings last year about how she wanted to do more projects where she could laugh more instead of the constant crying that’s been asked of her (because she’s so good!). And with Pivoting toeing the line of dark comedy, here’s hoping there’s more laughter than tears. Also, as a Long Islander, I can’t wait to see how they portray Long Island… HA.” – Mary

Naomi, Season 1 (The CW)

Based on the comic series of the same name, Naomi follows a high schooler as she discovers secrets about her town and herself after a supernatural event. Naomi is currently set to premiere on The CW on January 11th.

“I do a horrible job keeping up with The CW shows and I’m not ashamed to admit it. But I’m gonna do my best to try and watch this show at least at some point because I need as many Black girl superhero’s in my life as possible. Also shoutout to Mary for interviewing one of the leads (Mary Charles-Jones) a few years back! Teenplicity truly predicts the stars!!! Anyway, I’ll be honest, I haven’t done a ton of research into this show but everything I’ve seen about it so far has already had me excited to do what I can to support.” – Brie

“Shows on The CW are a hit or a miss. Even its best shows are riddled with more flaws than they have episodes. But I have hope for Naomi. Not only does it star another TEENPLICITY feature star doing awesome things – Mary Charles-Jones – but the trailer offers the possibility that it’ll run a different formula than what we’ve already seen with a few previous superhero shows on the network. Regardless, here’s hoping for success.” – Mary

The Afterparty, Season 1 (Apple TV+)

An afterparty following a high school reunion turns deadly with one classmate ends up murdered. Now everyone is a suspect. The Afterparty is currently set to premiere on Apple TV+ on January 28th.

“I love murder mysteries. They are so much fun and when written well, are an exciting adventure. The Afterparty looks like a cross between serious crime and serious comedy. Besides the hilarious factor that some of the actors literally do not look like that could have even been in high school at the same time as others – there’s a ten year age difference between Ike Barinholtz and a number of co-stars, though Ben Schwartz six year age difference looks much more believable – it proves to have the potential to be something memorable. With each character’s retelling of the events that leads to the murder, their point of views will be presented in different film genres to match the characters personalities and with its own “unique visual format”. In short – it’s going to be a lot of fun. This is definitely a series I’m hyped for.” – Mary

Bel-Air, Season 1 (Peacock)

A reimagining of the 90’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Bel-Air is a more dramatic and serious look at the premise of the original series, taking place in a modern day version of the California city. Bel-Air is currectly scheduled to premiere on Peacock February 13th.

“First and foremost, I’m very excited for the Coco Jones booked and busy era!!! As she should!!!! Secondly, idk how I feel as of right now about this dramatic reboot of the Fresh Prince (see the parenthetical hot take in my Proud Family blurb for why) but I am curious as to what it’s gonna be like and what it could bring to the table. Also curious as to how these characters translate to existing in a modern day time—especially Carlton who even in the 90s was hilarious but clearly not down for the cause. (I know there’s an episode where he says just because he’s rich doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand Black oppression when tryna pledge a Black frat but…I mean the Black community has all already agreed that one was pretty cringe in the first place.) The real question I think we should all be asking is what cliche coming of age current day plots we’re going to get. My bet is that they redo the Carlton accidentally takes drugs at the school dance plot and thinks he got that girl pregnant plot. And maybe the Ashley virginity plot but she loses it this time around.” – Brie

“I don’t know if I’m more excited or intrigued by the idea of this. Besides the fact that Coco Jones will be on my screen once again, thank you for that, it also has the potential to be an incredible series. As to how it truly reimagines the show and its plots and characters will remain unknown until it premieres, but things have drastically changed in the years since the original show, especially in the last year alone. I hope the writers and producers actually take care with their restructuring of the premise and how they handle these plots, because it will toe a very fine line between clever/dramatic and plain cringe.” – Mary

The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder, Season 1 (Disney+)

Less a revival and more a continuation, The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder follows the Proud family as they deal with growing up. Original cast members have come back to reprise their roles. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is currently scheduled to premiere on Disney+ February 22nd.

“Admittedly, I was originally pretty hesitant about this revival, I mean The Proud Family is a pretty iconic show and it holds up enough that we don’t actually need a revival. (My hot take is that if the original stands the test of time and is still accessible to watch, there’s no reason to touch it.) But based off the first trailer they released, this revival feels a lot more like The Proud Family getting the extra seasons it deserved more than anything else. Although it doesn’t feel like it, The Proud Family only ran for two seasons and a movie, so maybe this revival is a good thing because it was way too short lived. I’m also excited about the original cast reprising their roles and the feel remaining the same while also potentially appealing to the original audience.” – Brie

Atlanta, Season 3 (FX)

Atlanta follows two cousins working the Georgia city music scene as rappers, trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. The FX series currently has the third season scheduled to premiere on March 24th.

“Allegedly, the long awaited third season of Atlanta returns in 2022. Personally, I don’t believe it because it seems like the cast and crew have been working on quite literally everything BUT Atlanta, however, I’m putting this on the list anyway. I need to do a rewatch of this show soon, I haven’t seen it since season two was airing, but not only is it shot beautifully, it’s surreal humor is one for the books. It also has at least two of what I think is some of the funniest episodes of television; when Paper Boi is simply tryna get his hair cut and Bibby takes him all around Atlanta running errands and when Paper Boi goes on a Charlie Rose-esque talk show complete with spoof commercials. So one can only wonder what this new season has in store. (Hopefully the return of Katt Williams as the Alligator Man.)” – Brie

Ms. Marvel & Ironheart, Season 1 for both (Disney+)

The two shows based off of Marvel characters are set to premiere on Disney+ this year. Currently no release date has been announced and little is known about either project.

“Ms. Marvel and Ironheart are both shows I’ve been excited about since even before we knew they were getting their own shows. I don’t own all of their comics, but I have read a couple from both of them and Kamala and Riri are both such amazing young girls that absolutely deserve their time to shine in the MCU canon. We already know that Ms. Marvel is going to be in Captain Marvel, but I hope there’s plans to place Ironheart in an already established property as well because she’s so incredibly brilliant. I was hoping before Spiderman graduated the characters out of high school, Peter would have met Riri Williams but unfortunately not—like maybe she transferred to New York for a semester or something. That said, it’s always a possibility given how No Way Home ended that Peter can meet Riri at some point and become her mentor. I’m honestly game for whatever, I’m just excited to see these girls be portrayed on screen. Also this is when yet again, as a Chicagoan, I must hype up my city because of course I’m excited to see Riri in all her Black South side of Chicago excellence if they keep that as a part of her story.” – Brie

“I have no idea what to expect from either show and that’s what gets me excited. Both of these shows are focusing on characters who, to my knowledge, are relatively newer than most of the heroes we’ve been getting to know over the course of the MCU. The other Marvel shows on Disney+ have been incredible and shown the true potential the universe has to explore, so to get to see that through the eyes of two new heroes, especially ones who are actually young (because Peter was already Spider-Man and in high school by the time he was introduced) will be fun.” – Mary

iCarly, Season 2 (Paramount+)

A revival of the beloved Nickelodeon series, iCarly follows a grown-up Carly Shay and her friends as she works to rejuvenate her internet career. The Paramount+ exclusive series has no release date as of this time but we are hopeful for a Spring 2022 premiere.

“The first season of the iCarly revival completely surprised me. I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but the show having (as far I know) little to no involvement with Dan Schneider actually elevated it. It’s silly but at the same time it doesn’t feel like any of the characters regressed and the changes made were very needed. It’s also important to note that Laci Mosley as Harper and Jaidyn Triplett as Millicent are absolute standouts who deserve their flowers for constantly killing the game and also serving look after look. Poppy Liu as Dutch is also amazing, which is unsurprising because everything I’ve ever seen them in is fantastic.” – Brie

Stranger Things, Season 4 (Netflix)

The fourth season of the hit Netflix series takes place after the Byers family and Eleven move out of Hawkins, excitedly awaiting a spring break where they will be reunited with their old friends. Except terror, danger, and government action will disrupt any plans they have. While there is still no release date for the season yet, Netflix did give a roundabout time to expect it by stating Summer 2022.

“Let me start off by saying I beg of the new season to not focus too much on Hopper because I’m sure he’s coming back but his character was very annoying last season and I need a break from him. Currently, I’m mostly excited to see what this new season has in store for Steve, Robin, and Erica who have all wonderfully come into their own so far and became my favorite group of people. As for the rest, I’ll give it time as we get there.” – Brie

“I will be honest and say that I am mainly looking forward to what the Scoops Troop is up to this season, especially my son Steve Harrington and TEENPLICITY feature star Priah Ferguson’s character Erica, annnnd that’s about it. Nothing against the other characters or anything, but their dynamic and chemistry has been a joy to watch and experience. Also, I’m still miffed at the fact no one has treated or explored Will and his trauma. The kid has probably the most trauma, aside from Eleven, of the group and it’s just?? Brushed aside?? Never spoken about?? Minimal mentions?? Disappointing. Also there’s Hopper who was barely tolerable the first two seasons but turned into a complete annoyance and jerk in season three. I wasn’t even all that sad when he ‘died’, only upset at the letter he left for Eleven. So unless there’s a complete attitude adjustment for him in Russia, I’m good.” – Mary

Dead to Me, Season 3 (Netflix)

A friendship blooms between a hotheaded widow searching for the hit-and-run driver that killed her husband and an eccentric optimist who isn’t what she seems. With filming slated to end in the beginning of 2022, there’s no release date for the third season yet, though we anticipate a late summer or fall premiere.

“Arguably one of Netflix’s best shows and what should’ve gotten Linda Cardellini, Christina Applegate, and James Marsden their Emmy’s (in that order), Dead to Me comes to an end next year with season 3. This show has been a joy to watch since it first premiered and honestly the fact that it’s been so slept on this entire time was a tragedy. The writing was great, the story was great, the acting was great and it mixed dark humor with drama so well. I’m gonna miss Jenn, Judy, and Ben of course, but I’m also gonna miss the mess while anxiously wondering how this show is gonna come to a close.” – Brie

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Disney+)

Taking place ten years after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan Kenobi is dealing with his greatest defeat: the downfall and corruption of his best friend, Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader. Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen are both set to reprise their roles as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader, respectively. There is currently no release date set for the series but we are anticipating a summer or fall release on Disney+.

“Deborah Chow was enough to sign me onto the series. I absolutely loved the way she explored her episode of The Mandalorian and that gave me great hope and excitement for the series. Followed by the announcement of Ewan McGregor and later Hayden Christensen, the show could literally just have them standing in front of each other, staring the other down, and I’d be happy. The chemistry these two actors have is what truly created such a strong bond between the characters, one that was developed further with The Clone Wars series. It really solidified the bond between Obi-Wan and Anakin, explored why their dynamic is at a breaking point in Revenge of the Sith, and just how deeply that divide affected them both. So good! So to have that potentially explored even more after the events of RotS and Anakin’s fall will be so incredible. I can’t wait and this is possibly the series I am most excited for this year.” – Mary

Ahsoka (Disney+)

Not much is known about the series at this time but audiences are anticipating it to follow her search for former Grand Admiral Thrawn. There is no release date currently scheduled but we are anticipating an end-of-the-year premiere on Disney+.

“In all honesty, I had hoped the events of the Ahsoka series would have been split in two since they seem to be including Sabine as a supporting character. I absolutely loved the way that Star Wars Rebels, the animated series on Disney+ that set up the events of the series, ended. I had always wanted a show that explores Ahsoka and Sabine’s search for Ezra and Thrawn but I fear that this limited series might not dedicate enough time to both, with the Ezra side of things most likely getting pushed to the side in favor of Ahsoka’s hunt for Thrawn. While I remain hopeful that it doesn’t happen like that, I still am wary of the limited run time and the growing list of characters. That said, I am still excited and I hope to get some answers about Ezra’s whereabouts as well as seeing an epic showdown of intelligence and skill between Ahsoka and Thrawn.” – Mary

Wednesday, Season 1 (Netflix)

Wednesday Addams is a student at Nevermore Academy, attempting to master her emerging psychic ability while thwarting monsters and solving the mystery that embroiled her parents. There is currently no release date set for Wednesday on Netflix but we anticipate a fall release.

“All I have to say is that Jenna Ortega is staying booked and busy and I love that for her. By the time this list ends, I will have lost count of how many projects of hers we are excited for but that’s honestly great. She deserves all the success. That said, I’m interested to see where Wednesday will take the character and how Jenna will embody Wednesday Addams in her own way as she’s compared to the iconic portrayals of the past. At this moment, only her parents and Thing are expected to appear in the series which leaves me to wonder about the rest of the household. As Tim Burton’s directorial debut for television, I’m curious as to how his talents will cross over to this new landscape and just how creepy and spooky the show will be.” – Mary

Camp Cretaceous, Season 5 hopefully (Netflix)

After escaping from Isla Nublar six months following the events at Jurassic World, the campers land on a mysterious island run by a devious company who have no good intentions towards dinosaurs. While Netflix has not announced a fifth season yet, it is highly anticipated and could come as early as summer to line up with the Jurassic World Dominion release.

“Has a fifth season been announced yet? No. Am I incredibly hopeful for one? Yes. Here’s why. In just one year, they released four seasons of the series. Being animated which takes production much longer than live action and the amount of time in development, it’s hard to imagine that not all of the seasons of the show were greenlight years ago. It doesn’t happen often but it has in the past, which is why I’m partially convinced a fifth season is already done, or getting there, and waiting for a public release. The exception is that a fifth season might not have been in the original plans until COVID-19 delayed the release of Jurassic World Dominion. If that was the case, then some last minute finagling could have been done to leave viewers wanting more and the door open for a fifth season. Anyway, I’m hopeful and would look forward to see how the events of the fourth season play out, especially given the cliffhanger and the contact with the outside world. I really need to know!” – Mary

DC’s Titans, Season 4 (HBO Max)

Young DC superheroes come together to fight evil in this mature take on the Teen Titans comics. There is currently no release date set for the series but we anticipate it could return as early as December 2022.

“I won’t bore you all to sleep about my feelings on Titans season 3. (I lied, here’s my feelings in a nutshell: Dick spent way too much time tryna fight the Crane fight all on his own like he forgot he was on an ensemble show and honestly I don’t care nearly enough about Batman in this story for them to keep bringing him in and it’s almost inconsistent the way Jason is treated in terms of not receiving rehabilitation or redemption but being expected to just get away from all the trauma he’s received? Also it’s ridiculous that they hyped up Blackfire the way that they did just to not feature her to her fullest potential. Oh and to everyone that said Blackfire and Superboy made no sense, they were literally one of the best parts of the season, a lot of y’all were just too busy focusing on babying Superboy because he’s white that you were looking for any every reason to demonize Blackfire even in moments when she clearly had good intentions regardless if Kory didn’t trust her yet and I demand y’all unpack that immediately!!! And furthermore never have I ever watched an ensemble show that relies so heavily on splitting up the ensemble in order to have plotlines.) I will simply say that season 4 better give me my Titans family road trip to Tamaran and that can literally be the entire season. Just the road trip and then the family reunion on Tamaran. I’m basically asking for Johnsons Family Vacation but Titans style.” – Brie

“Listen… my HBO Max subscription ran out halfway through season 3 and I was not exactly thrilled at what was happening that it didn’t push me to renew it. The writers and crew and everyone really hyped up the season and while the beginning felt like it had a strong foundation, the remaining episodes floundered. In a season that should have focused on Starfire, Blackfire, and their dynamic, they were once again pushed aside so Dick could, like he tells everyone else not to do, run off on his own and deal with issues. After three seasons, I really hoped we were past that? And Gar? Why bother having him as a main character if you don’t treat him like he deserves to be one. I’ve been waiting so long to see him dealing with everything that’s happened to him over the last three seasons and… yeah. Also, Dick and Kory being treated like co-workers in the breakroom instead of confidants and co-leaders like they’d been in the first season was incredibly disappointing. All in all, the season ran out of steam real quick and I couldn’t have cared. The redeeming part of the finale is Dick seeing little baby Mar’i, which has me hopeful for the future of Dick and Kor’i’s dynamic. I am a simple woman who wants simple things.” – Mary

Honorable Mentions & Potential 2022 Premieres:

The Cleaning Lady (FOX) – January 3rd
Kenan, Season 2 (NBC) – Premieres January 3rd
The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+) – Episodes continue January 5th
The Wonder Years, Second Half of Season 1 (ABC) – Episodes continue January 5th
Pam & Tommy (Hulu) – February 2nd
Halo (Paramount+)
Moon Knight, Season 1 (Disney+)
Willow, Season 1 (Disney+)
RWBY, Volume 9 (Rooster Teeth)
The Sex Lives of College Girls, Season 2 (HBO Max)
Never Have I Ever (Netflix)
Mighty Ducks, Season 2 (Disney+)
Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (HBO Max)
Manifest (Netflix)
South Side, Season 3 hopefully (HBO Max)
Home Economics, Season 3 hopefully (ABC)
Daisy Jones & The Six (Amazon Prime)
Secret Invasion (Disney+)
She-Hulk (Disney+)
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (Hulu)
Raising Dion, Season 2 (Netflix)

2022 in Movies

The 355

A wild card CIA agent joins forces with three international agents in order to retrieve a top-secret weapon, working to stay ahead of the mysterious woman tracking them every step of the way. The 355 is set to premiere in theaters January 7th.

“This movie ticks a lot of boxes for me. Action? Check. Women? Check. Women in a majority of the action? Check check! I’m excited for this film because I will do anything for more action movies where the main characters are women. Growing up, from movies to shows to video games, men were always at the center with a select few women able to take the wheel. Things have, thankfully, changed since then and I am always ready with open arms for more films like this. It has a star-studded lineup, a thrilling trailer keeping me excited up to the release, and the potential to have a clever plot; I can’t wait to finally watch the film.” – Mary


It’s been 25 years since the original Woodsboro murders and a new killer has emerged in town wearing a hauntingly familiar mask. Scream is set to premiere in theaters January 14th.

“Have I seen all of the Scream movies? No. Am I a big fan of horror movies? Eh, not really. Am I likely to see this movie in theaters? No because I jump very easily at loud noises or random appearances of murderers if I’m not watching from the comfort of my home. That said, I’m very excited about this movie and to watch it whenever it leaves theaters and is available to watch at home. The trailer that we’ve seen so far is really good and it’s hard for me not to hype up a cast like this when it’s made up not only of two folks we’ve featured on Teenplicity (and one of whom also starred in a project my friend from college wrote on that’s v good check it out!!!) and folks whose work I’ve genuinely just enjoyed. Also, while I haven’t watched every Scream movie, I did watch the first Scream movie and I really liked it. It was smart and funny and arguably pretty badass. I totally get why folks stan Neve Campbell as a final girl blueprint alongside her work in The Craft (albeit she’s a much different character in that one). Anyway what I’m most excited for is seeing how they managed to make this story possible given how far technology has come. I know there’s been recent reboots and adaptations already that has had to think about this but at least in my memory this is the first movie in a while where the og’s are coming back so obviously it’s because they know something that assures them their return won’t tarnish the legacy.” – Brie

“Let me get this out the way first – yes, this is on the list because it stars two previous TEENPLICITY feature stars, Jenna Ortega and Jasmin Savoy Brown, and how could I NOT celebrate their addition to an iconic franchise?! But it is also on this list because I love the Scream franchise and I’m so excited for this film. The original film completely turned the horror genre on its head while also igniting a new fire under its dying breath. While it had two lackluster sequels and an awesome redemption with Scream 4, the fifth film seems to be promising a fresh take on the series. In fact, there’s plenty of theories already floating around online that has me excited – but let’s all keep our expectations low and not go digging into them. All in all, I’m excited to revisit one of my favorite characters, Sidney Prescott, and the town of Woodboro, and I can’t wait to see if one character will finally be offed once and for all. Also, can we get a Kirby cameo or mention? Please?” – Mary

The Royal Treatment

A hairdresser from New York has the opportunity to work at the royal wedding of a charming prince. However, when sparks fly between herself and the prince, things get complicated. The Royal Treatment is set to start streaming on Netflix January 20th.

“Once again, I can proudly say that we have TWO previous TEENPLICITY feature stars in the film, this time being Laura Marano and Mena Massoud. So yes, I am 100% percent putting this on the list, even though I’m certain I’ll never let Laura live down the fact her New York accent sounds like the super Italian moms on Long Island complaining to someone on the phone while at Stop & Stop. But that’s a discussion for another day. Today’s discussion however is on how happy I am to see both of these lovely people on my screen again! As a big fan of both of them and romantic comedies, I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year. Get me a big bucket of popcorn, some cheesy/cringey moments that are sure to happen, and I’m satisfied. (Also Laura has a song for the film which is exciting!? Music!Laura thriving!)” – Mary

The King’s Daughter

In an effort to achieve immortality, a king captures a mermaid and steals her life force. His illegitimate daughter coming back into his life threatens his plans. The King’s Daughter is set to premiere in theaters January 21st.

“I’m going to admit that before watching the trailer, I 100% thought this was going to end up as a lesbian star-crossed lovers type of thing. After watching the trailer, I’m only 30% convinced this could still happen. The film centers around a king played by Pierce Brosnan and his daughter played by Kaya Scodelario as their fragile relationship comes to a head over his dark secret. Narrated by Julie Andrews, I am less intrigued by the plot and more intrigued by the core relationships of the film, between the king and his daughter and his daughter and the mermaid. So while I’m less excited than I was when I put this film on my list, here’s hoping things turn out for the best in the end.” – Mary


In order to stop the moon from crashing into Earth, a NASA executive, an astronaut, and a conspiracy theorist travel to the center of the moon. Moonfall is set to premiere in theaters February 4th.

“You know what I need after two years of nonstop anxiety and fear? A movie that hones into my untapped anxieties and fears. Moonfall makes the list as one of the films I’m excited for in the new year because, initially, I was hype it included two things I love: the moon and disaster films. After watching the trailer? Maybe I should rethink my choices. Starring Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson, the film showcases the cause and the effects of the moon crashing into Earth. The heavy notes of sci-fi in the trailer points most likely aliens and it leaves me with mixed feelings already, but I’m intrigued as to where it goes. Also, Halle Berry. Need I say more?” – Mary

Marry Me

Moments before a pop superstar is set to marry her equally famous fiancé in front of a legion of fans, she learns of his cheating ways. To save her image, she marries a total stranger from the crowd instead. Marry Me is set to premiere in theaters February 11th.

“JLo really saw us struggling during the pandemic and decided to kickstart the RomCom Renaissance herself and I respect and love her for that. Romantic comedies were such a staple of cinema in recent decades until it died down to a simmer in favor of big box office franchises. Because of that, our romcom supply has been running low but thanks to Jennifer Lopez, it is being replenished! I honestly can’t wait for this film because it has one of my favorite tropes – fake dating. Add in the kid and the press aspects and it sounds like it’ll be a fun ride that I’m absolutely here for. I wrote about this film in 2021 (which you can read here) and I’m so glad it’s finally here!” – Mary

The Outfit

An expert tailor and his employee find themselves embroiled in a fight for survival against rival mobsters and the police. The Outfit is set to premiere in theaters February 25th.

“There is so much about this movie I am hyped for. Starting with the cast, it has Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, and Dylan O’Brien, just to name a few on the list. I’m especially partial to Zoey (I got to review her film Before I Fall a few years back and she absolutely smashed it!) and Dylan, whose work I never saw in MTV’s Teen Wolf but I have enjoyed outside of it. This film looks like a thrilling high-stakes crime drama that will keep me on the edge of my seat as I wonder how exactly these characters will get out of the situation and if or who will survive it. I tend to hesitate towards watching dramas, as sometimes they move too slow for my liking and I feel like there’s so much wasted time, but this feels like it’ll stay far from that formula. All in all, this might be in my top three films I’m excited for in 2022 (Scream is on there too).” – Mary

The Batman

Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham that connects back to his family all the while dealing with a serial killer specializing in riddles. The Batman is set to premiere in theaters March 4th.

“I’m gonna keep this short. They gave me Zoë Kravitz (which I knew was a selling point for me) and Rob Pattinson (which I did not) and Jeffery Wright (which I did) and allegedly the actor that plays Tim Drake on DC Titans (which does not make sense to me personally unless DC is attempting their own multiverse because the Gotham castings are completely different?). So while I don’t “get” the need for another Batman movie, I’ll watch this when it hits streaming. Paul Dano certainly serves promise as the Riddler and apparently Rob’s version of Bruce is inspired by Kurt Cobain, which I currently find hilarious because I can’t imagine Kurt Cobain liking Bruce Wayne as a person. Anyway, whatever Catwoman is now and forever will be canonically Black because we’ve locked in (at least) three of them. Take that @ racists!” – Brie

“I have… questions… and concerns about the styling of Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Because in no universe would a multi-millionaire who moonlights as a crime-fighting bat have hair that greasy. Superficial? Yes. Do I care? No. I’m just out here disappointed at the disrespect being shown to Bruce Wayne by doing that. So will I be watching The Batman for Batman? No. The other castings have me incredibly excited though. Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Colin Farrell as Penguin, and Andy Serkis as Alfred – sign me up (for when the film is offered with Free On Demand).” – Mary

Turning Red

A 13-year-old girl finds out that any strong emotion will turn her into a red panda, a ‘quirk’ that has been in her family for generations. Now she must adjust to adolescence in a completely new way. Turning Red is set to premiere in theaters March 11th.

“As many should know by now, I’m a sucker for a good coming of age. Especially coming of age stories centered around girlhood. Although young girls are often used as the market for things in an attempt to make money, rarely are they done right by the people more focused on trying to make a profit rather than tell a story. When I first heard about Turning Red, I was excited 1. because it’s a coming of age but also because 2. I’ve really enjoyed so far what Peter Docter has done heading Pixar. He was already behind a number of Pixar movies that I love but taking the reigns, he seems to be interested in voices that are looking to expand on the ways in which animation can tell and elevate a story the way live action can’t. For this movie, we get to see Domee Shi’s vision who has already done a ton of amazing work at Pixar including directing one of my favorite Pixar shorts Bao. She’s an amazing storyboard artist and if her previous work in Pixar has proven anything, she’s also an amazing mind with so much attention to detail and love to give in her story work. I’m very excited to meet Meilin and meet her in her Panda form when she gets too excited. I’m also excited to see this girl full of emotion and energy (hopefully?) learn she doesn’t have to bottle it all up for acceptance in a world that would rather girls—especially girls of color—keep our muchness to ourselves.” – Brie

“It’s Pixar. I’m going to cry. I’m game. Also, everything that Brie said. ^^^” – Mary

Everything Everywhere All At Once

A woman suddenly discovers that there is a multiverse with an infinite number of versions of her life. When her husband from one of the alternate universes recruits her for help, she must access her skills, memories, and more from every version of herself to defeat evil. Everything Everywhere All At Once is set to premiere in theaters on March 25th.

“The trailer for this film is a lot to take in but it’s incredibly intriguing. I absolutely love how the film already looks and how experimental the concept is and where it goes. I also love that the protagonist is older but they don’t shy away from action scenes involving her. I’m not sure what to expect from the film but I’m excited for the final product.” – Mary

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic is put to the test of being a true hero when Dr. Robotnik returns with a new partner, Knuckles. Teaming with his own sidekick Tails, Sonic embarks on a journey to find a mystical emerald before it falls into the wrong hands. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is currently scheduled to release in theaters April 8th.

“Did I watch the first Sonic movie on Hulu on a whim one day during the pandemmy because I missed James Marsden and needed to watch him in something new? Yes. Yes I did. But you know what? I really enjoyed myself! It’s actually unsurprising because lowkey I was a big Sonic fan as a kid. I’m talking waking up at like 7am to watch the cartoon with my brother big. I’m talking Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was one of my favorite games as a kid big. I’m talking I’m still bitter I never made it past that one level on Sonic Unleashed big. So there was never a doubt in my mind that I probably wouldn’t like it. Especially because the James Marsden x CGI animal cinematic universe has never once faltered. (This includes HOP, debate your momma.) I can’t wait to see Tails and Knuckles get brought into the story especially with the og Tails voice actress (or so I’m told!) and Idris Elba as Knuckles (perfect casting!). I’m also super excited to see Tika Sumpter and James Marsden continue being a cute couple and Natasha Rothwell continue despising him with every fiber of his being as he simply just tries to do his best. But most importantly, I’m holding out hope that this movie also brings in my girlies Amy Rose, Tikal, and the ultimate hot girl Rouge because I’m ready to go up for all of them.” – Brie

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange continues his research on the Time Stone and dives into the multiverse. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is scheduled to premiere in theaters May 6th.

Wandavision, and I’m assuming What If…? and No Way Home although I’ve yet to see the latest Spider-Man film, have set up this intriguing dive into the multiverse for Doctor Strange and how he might not like everything that he sees. Pulling in characters like Wanda for the adventure, it will be interesting how the different realities will be explored and what can be expected from taking a peek. Sam Raimi is directing the film and has already brought so much color back to the visual side of things that’s I’m already grateful we won’t spend a film in a state of blah and drab. In addition, he’s toted the film to be more like a horror movie and that has me excited. It’s a complete departure from the MCU’s other ventures and it already looks promising. I eagerly anticipate how that will play out in the film once it releases and I genuinely can’t wait.” – Mary

Jurassic World: Dominion

Set four years after the events of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this film explores how humanity has been adjusting to life living amongst the dinosaurs once again. Original cast members from both trilogies in the Jurassic Park franchise will be reprising their roles. Jurassic World: Dominion is currently scheduled to release in theaters June 10th.

“Ah, and here we are. Rounding out the top 3 films I can’t wait for in 2022 is Dominion. Not only do you have original characters returning, but it will also fully explore the concept of living life with dinosaurs in your backyard… sometimes literally. I am so intrigued to see how things are being taken care of regarding the dinosaurs, just how people are protecting themselves or helping dinosaurs, and what else might be occurring. I love seeing the effects of major events so I am very excited to see the way society has changed to accommodate this new normal in the world. What’s also cool is that the Netflix animated series Camp Cretaceous has little easter eggs regarding the new film, though what they are we won’t truly know until the film has released. Regardless, I’m incredibly excited to see dinosaurs roaming freely. And in my honest opinion, the dinosaurs still haven’t won nearly enough so I’m hoping to see that too. Honestly, this film can’t come quick enough.” – Mary

Thor: Love and Thunder

Not much is known about the film yet except that it will act as a direct sequel to Thor: Ragnarök, and that original cast members will be making their return. Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters July 8th.

“It’s almost comical for me to have the fourth Thor movie on here because up until Ragnarök, I was so unimpressed with the Thor movies I genuinely didn’t understand why we needed more. They weren’t bad movies per say but they also weren’t the most enjoyable to me. They very much felt like they were unsure how to find their footing just yet which was also tricky given the fact that not only is Thor one of the big three (or was during the earlier phases of the MCU) but he served/serves a prominent role in the rest of the MCU as an Avengers member. So seeing the character struggle felt even worse. (But! This is just my opinion!) Anyway, I completely understand all the critiques folks have for Ragnarök including the many people who think it’s too goofy although I personally think that’s what his story needed to give it personality. Too serious wasn’t really working for him in my opinion and it always seemed like Chris Hemsworth snuck in ways to make the character seem funny and more human than god-like anyway. What I’m mostly hoping for this movie however, even though I know the focus has been put on Natalie Portman returning and Jane taking on She-Thor is that we get essentially something that makes up for abysmal writing the Russo brothers gave Thor in Endgame. They turned his trauma, his weight gain, and his coping mechanisms into jokes as if someone who lost everyone near and dear to them, gained weight and fell into a depression because of it, and resorted drinking couldn’t still be someone worth something. You do not need Chris Hemsworth’s abs and muscles to be worthy. You do not need to be able to carry all the hurt life throws at you without ever faltering and letting that weaken you to be worthy. That’s what Thor’s story as a god should be about. If anything it always felt like that’s why Valkyrie and Bruce were a good duo to put him with (alongside Loki) because it was a golden child being welcomed into an island of misfit toys. But anyway, we’ll see what this movie offers Thor’s story when we get there. Hopefully something good.” – Brie

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Part One

In the highly anticipated sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales will travel across the Multiverse and team up with Gwen Stacy and other Spider-People to face off with a powerful villain unlike any other before. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Part One is currently scheduled to premiere in theaters October 7th.

“As someone who, like most of my age group, grew up with damn near every single rendition of Spider-man, I constantly go on record that Into the Spider-Verse might be my favorite Spider-Man movie. I just recently watched No Way Home though so it might now be tied but idk. Anyway, I’m so ridiculously excited about Across the Spider-Verse. I missed Miles Morales and getting to see this creative, talented dork tryna become a superhero and do good. But mainly what I think I might really be excited about is getting to see how they take advantage of the animation to tell this story. The animation in the first movie completely blew me away and was a strong reminder that animation as a medium deserves way more love and appreciation for what it brings to storytelling. It’s debated constantly if comic book movies count as ‘art’ and while I’ll spare my two cents on the matter in terms of live action, it’s impossible to not consider Into the Spider-Verse art when it’s very much a comic book turned to screen and a comic book in and of itself is art.” – Brie

“The first film was absolutely incredible in every way – storytelling, acting, and visually. It completely changed the game when it came to, not just comic/superhero films, but films in general. The art style is so unique but it pays a great deal of respect to the comic background of these characters. Miles Morales is probably one of my favorite superheroes because of the first film and the first film’s visual genius was such a delight. I don’t want to say that the creatives on the project set a high bar for themselves when it came to developing a (two-part!!!) sequel, but the bar is realllly high.” – Mary

Halloween Ends

The final installment of the new Halloween trilogy, this film will bring the Michael Myers and Laurie Strode saga to a thrilling climax. Halloween Ends is currently scheduled for an October 14th release in theaters.

“I’m not saying that this all could have been ended a while ago but… it all could have been ended a while ago. There’s a part in Halloween Kills where Michael Myers is down for the count, surrounded by a dozen townspeople, and they all stand around him, staring, and taking their sweet time finishing him off. If they didn’t delay and someone just offed him then and there real quick, we wouldn’t still be in this situation. I’m just saying… Anyway, the film is rumored to take place a few years after the last installment, giving the characters enough time to heal from their physical and emotional injuries and create a new plan for dealing with Michael Myers. Which leads me to wonder – what has he been up to? Is he just hiding out somewhere and still not caught (unlikely though since he is drawn to his childhood home) or is he randomly murdering people and everyone just kind of shrugs it off like ‘That’s Haddonfield for you!’ because they can’t kill him? I am super pumped for this film and this conclusion. Michael Myers has become increasingly unkillable but the same can be said for Laurie Strode. With a thirst for vengeance and revenge, I look forward to seeing her take him down, even if it means she has to sadly go too.” – Mary

Ticket to Paradise

When their daughter goes to Bali to get married, a divorced couple travels after her to prevent her from making the same mistake they think they made 25 years ago. Ticket to Paradise is currently scheduled for a theatrical release on October 21st.

“2022 is the year of the Romantic Comedy and I don’t care if you think I’m wrong, I will make sure I am right!!! Jennifer Lopez has two coming out in 2022 alone, Sandra Bullock has one of her own, and this George Clooney and Julia Roberts film can be added to the list. Previously portraying a couple in the Ocean’s film franchise and having recently starred in Money Monster, the two have reunited again and it has me so excited for what kind of hilarity is in store. Their chemistry is still explosive and so captivating and I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been able to enjoy either of their comedic chops. So it’s safe to say that I am eagerly awaiting this film. Let the RomCom Renaissance begin!” – Mary

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Much of the plot of the film is still keep secret but what we do know is that the film will continue to explore the world of Wakanda and its various characters. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is currently scheduled for a release date of November 11th but due to various production changes and delays, we anticipate that it will be pushed to a later date.

“Gonna be honest here, every press release and news headline I’ve seen about this movie makes me more and more nervous. It’s hard when Chadwick Boseman was such a light who will truly be missed and who immediately created a legacy with what he gave to Black Panther and T’Challa. Ryan Coogler (and the MCU) is tasked with figuring out where to go from here and teaching those of us who took Chadwick into our hearts how to say goodbye. It won’t be easy. But it shouldn’t be easy because that wouldn’t be reflective of Chadwick’s character. I still hope however that this movie is not only reflective but also a love letter to the goodness and complicated nature of T’Challa and the power of the women around him who all played incredibly vital roles in motivating to do the right thing even when he wasn’t sure it was the safest or the way to honor the throne. Also…I beg of the soundtrack to go as hard as the first one does, it’s literally a masterpiece and a reminder that soundtracks should honestly return to being a vital part of the movie making process.” – Brie

“When it comes to the film, there is a lot of news and things to consider. Chadwick Boseman left his mark on the character of T’Challa, on the world within the MCU, and on audiences all over. The cast and crew, amidst their grieving, have also been faced with continuing to explore the world of Wakanda without Chadwick at the helm. I do not envy the difficulties that they faced but I also have hope that they will be able to use the film as a way to honor Chadwick’s work both as T’Challa and as an incredible human. On the other side of things, there seems to be a limbo of where to go with the character and the world. Numerous production delays and issues have me doubtful of where the film will go. I feel like they are at a point where they might have to scrap it and start all over to give justice to the story they hope to tell and with the characters they want to tell it with. Hopefully none of this will lead to the film being permanently shelved, so I hope for the best outcome for all those involved and for audiences eagerly awaiting the return to Wakanda, including me.” – Mary

Creed III

Not much about the third installment to the Creed franchise is known but it will serve as star Michael B. Jordan’s directorial debut. Creed III currently has a scheduled theatrical release date of November 23rd.

“I enjoyed Creed, I think I enjoyed Creed II, with Creed III I can only wonder how many times this man will have to fight people and it needs to be a movie. But I guess if Rocky can do it and get hella movies off it then Creed can too. Honestly, I don’t care about boxing, literally couldn’t name you more than like 3-4 boxers irl probably (off the top of my head: Ali (both Muhammad and Laila), Mayweather, Tyson) but the thing about sports films is that, to me, they’re usually way more interesting than the sport. Like you watch a sports movie and you’re like “WOW! this sport is interesting actually!” and then you actually watch the sport and realize it was only interesting in that movie because they cut out all the boring parts that take place during the sport. Sorry, this blurb doesn’t hype Creed up nearly enough as it should. Creed is good. I’m excited to see it and have a good time (hopefully), either that or imma see it and be incredibly stressed out like I’ve been every time these movies made me watch Creed getting completely jumped.” – Brie


According to the IMDb synopsis, the sequel to the hit film Enchanted is about, “Ten years after her happily ever after, Giselle questions her happiness inadvertently turning the lives of those in the real world and Andalasia upside down in the process. There is no set release date for the film but we anticipate it hitting theaters in the fall.

“2022 is the year of James Marsden and I don’t apologize for what this means for the person I will be because of it. There was a period of time in my life where I watched Enchanted everyday for mmmm let’s say a month (although tbh I think it might’ve been longer and I blocked it out). It’s one of my favorite movies and never fails to make me laugh, smile, or just genuinely feel okay. It’s a literal love letter to the Disney classics that paved its way and I’m excited that this sequel potentially gives it the space to pave way for other stories. Also that this took so many years in the making, I have to believe they were looking to make sure they had the story just right which I’m hoping on because I really need this sequel to be good. I love that it supposedly takes a look at what happens after the fairytale book closes and happily ever after is given as a verdict even though there’s no such thing because happily ever after implies there’s no work involved to sustain. Giselle’s hopefulness and optimism has always been one of my favorite things because it just reminds me not to the hard parts consume me, but I also love seeing folks working at Disney look at some of the tropes they’ve done in the past and wonder how they can question and critique them now with their new media. Also, not for nothing but please for the love of all that is good, give Amy Adams her Oscar off of this performance so she can do more musicals like this!!! Y’all got my girl fighting her life, free her please!!! Also final note: Maya Rudolph. Okay, I’m done.” – Brie

Honorable Mentions & Potential 2022 Premieres:
The Tragedy of Macbeth – January 14th (Apple TV+ Release)
The Fallout – January 27th
Book of Love – February 4th
Cheaper by the Dozen – March
The Bad Guys – April 22nd
Lightyear – June 17th
The Black Phone – June 24th
Nope – July 22nd
Secret Headquarters – August 12th
Shotgun Wedding – June 29th
Spellbound – November 11th (Apple TV+ Release)
The Fabelmans – November 23rd
Violent Night – December 2nd

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