Mary and Brie Make Gingerbread Houses!

This year, the 12 Days of Christmas is getting a special TEENPLICITY twist – 12 Days of TEENPLICITY! From Saturday, December 12th through Wednesday, December 23rd, we will be posting a new holiday-themed feature each day! Including interviews with this season’s merriest entertainers as well as tips for the best holiday treats, we hope this celebration will bring some joy and good cheer to all during a very tough year.

As part of this special event, the 12th Teenpliciday features Teenplicity team members Mary and Brie (and Brie’s cousin Christina) making gingerbread houses. Should be a cakewalk, right? Well…

Dear Teenplicity readers and supporters,

Today is the final day of our 12 Days of Teenplicity! We did it, Joe! Thank you so much to everyone that showed support by checking out and sharing our posts and thank you to all the wonderful talent, publicists, assistants, and coordinators who played a part in making our 12 Days of Teenplicity so special. We honestly could not have done this without you all. We know that 2020 has taken a toll on all of us in various ways mentally, physically, and emotionally. We have experienced absolute overload with everything we’ve had to process (or didn’t get to process) this year and if you’re like us, you’ve probably searched for joy in the little things like art, like baking, like taking naps, like writing, like memes, like family (chosen or otherwise), like friends, like watching that tv show or movie you’ve already seen a million times.

Thankfully, we’ve had the opportunity to also find joy in the features we were lucky enough to produce for Teenplicity this year. We have featured so many brilliant, talented people this year and each one has honestly been a gift. And the year isn’t over yet! We still have a few gifts up our sleeves in the following days! (But more on that later.) Until then, we want to wish you and your families a safe, relaxing, and fulfilling holiday regardless the holiday (or holidays) that you celebrate. You made it all the way to the holidays and we’re so proud of you and happy you could make it! And if the holidays aren’t your thing and/or you’re not celebrating (which is also understandable, this year has been hard and sometimes this season can make a hard thing feel even more unbreakable) we hope that we have at least offered you something that makes you smile, makes you laugh, makes you feel inspired, or even if it just made you feel okay, sometimes that’s enough.

The two (technically three) of us did our absolute best when it came to making our gingerbread houses to close out our 12 Days of Teenplicity. When you watch the video, you’ll see that not everything goes according to plan all the time. (Don’t we know it!) But, is that not absolutely fitting for 2020? (And just about every other year as a matter of fact…) Anyway, thank you once again to you, our readers and supporters. Stay tuned for more things in the works and if you haven’t yet, check out our other 12 Days of Teenplicity features:

Happy Teenplicidays from the Teenplicity Team! Love, Brie and Mary

Did you build a gingerbread house this year? You can share it with Teenplicity or let us know what you’d like to see on Twitter or anonymously on Tumblr! Or you can directly contact Mary Ayers on Twitter and anonymously on Tumblr or Brie Garrett on Twitter and Tumblr!

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